El Cordobés

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El Cordobés
Manuel Benítez Pérez

El Cordobés

(ĕl kōrdōvās`), 1936?–, Spanish bullfighter, b. Manuel Benítez Pérez. The predominant matador of the 1960s, he brought an unorthodox acrobatic and theatrical style to the ring, working very close to the bull's horns, and became a national idol. By the time he retired in 1971, he had become the highest-paid bullfighter in history, despite the sneers of many traditionalists.


See biography by L. Collins and D. Lapierre, Or I'll Dress You in Mourning (1968).

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On the one hand, it was hard not to be engaged by Zenyatta's presence and personality, as she pounded the ground with her hoof like an adrenalised bull moments before a face-off with El Cordobes.
But none of this put us off buying bullfight posters with our names printed on it, so it read something like, "Gran Corrida Des Torres con Doming Ortega, El Cordobes and Kevin Potter of Norton".
Couldn't hit a shot, played El Cordobes defense, couldn't grab a board and failed to raise a single Jack Nicholson eyebrow.
And we all knew someone whose parents, fondly imagining they had set their child off on the road to a successful artistic career, had framed their latest collection of scribblings and hung it in the living room, next to the wicker-fronted bar and the poster of El Cordobes.
Across the city Jeffrey Ble Grujillo has just opened a Spanish deli called El Cordobes.
Olly McPhail took a nasty tumble when El Cordobes fell at the second last and was taken to hospital with concussion and a suspected broken nose.
El Cordobes has been running well, finishing second at Doncaster and then going one better on that same track and he can take the UK Hygiene Equipment Handicap Chase (4.
He beat the record number of bullfights per year - 161 corridas - held by Manuel Benitez, the renowned 1960s bullfighter known as El Cordobes.
On the racecourse, there was an inevitability about Arkle's races, so much so that one young journalist - still a regular contributor to these pages - was able to ease the pressure one busy Saturday afternoon by drafting his report of Arkle's race before it was run, and making only a Fonteyn, Yuri Gagarin, Jackie Kennedy, Vivien Leigh, any Beatle, El Cordobes - and Arkle.
His place, El Cordobes, already stocks the best cured meats in town (imported jamon, chorizo and lomo all from acorn-fed pigs), plus vacuum-packed goats cheese, tinned fish, olive oils, chillis, rice, soups and sauces.
Henrietta Knight's charge stayed on too well for El Cordobes in the Liberty Bells Novices' Handicap Chase.
El Cordobes Spanish Foods, on Maryland Street, has been launched by Spaniard Jeffrey Ble Trujillo.