El Hadj Omar

Omar, El Hadj


(also al-Hajj Umar). Born 1797 in Aloar, in what is now Senegal; died 1864 in Jigimberé, in what is now Mali. Founder of the state of the Tukulors (a Fulani people) in West Africa.

Omar’s campaigns of conquest, which began in the 1850’s, gave rise to a vast state that extended from Médine to Timbuktu. With the help of Muslims living in the basin of the Sénégal River, Omar fought the French colonialists. In the 1850’s he slowed the advance of French troops eastward from Médine. In 1864, after he was defeated in a battle against the Fulani state of Macina, Omar was killed, and his state disintegrated.

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Les relations entre les deux pays ne datent pas d'hier, elles puisent leur force et leur solidite dans le precieux legs faconne par Feu Sa Majeste Hassan II et Feu le President El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba, que Dieu ait Leurs ames en Sa Sainte Misericorde.
We are the ideological descendants of Ousman Dan Fodio, El Hadj Omar Tall and Amadou Cheikhou, who all fought colonial invaders" from Europe, one of the group's leaders said in Arabic.
President El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba launched the program on December 19,2008, officially handing over the first health cards.
Further negotiations with the opposing government factions are being conducted under the leadership of El Hadj Omar Bongo, the President of Gabon.