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a genus of deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs of the family Elaeagnaceae. The flowers are bisexual or unisexual, often four-parted, and fragrant; they are solitary or in groups of two or three in the axils. The fruit is drupaceous, mealy, and usually edible. There are more than 50 species, distributed in Asia, Southern Europe, North America, and Australia. Five species are found in the USSR, growing wild in the Caucasus and Middle Asia. Oleaster, or Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolid), a low, spiny tree with silvery elliptic leaves that sometimes grows wild, is cultivated as an ornamental, as is the hardiest North American species E. argentea. In the south, local varieties with large edible fruits are cultivated. These plants, which are used in landscaping and as a windbreak for fields, are valued for their fruit, medicinal substances, resins, tannins, and essential oils. They produce good lumber and are rich in nectar.


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The investigated plant namely Elaeagnus umbellata is belonging to Elaeagnaceae family comprises of three genera including Elaeagnus (70 species), Hippophae (07 species), and Shepherdia (03 species).
Study on the different dosages of Elaeagnus angustifolia aqueous extract with and without morphine on the antinociceptive rate in mice.
In vivo evaluation of the antiasthmatic, antitussive and expectorant activities of extract and fractions from Elaeagnus pungens leaf.
From the exotic species that had started to spread on the semicoke dumps, Elaeagnus commutata and Hippophae rhamnoides suppressed almost all other plant species in areas where they dominated.
The final mass of Agropyron, Bouteloua, Melilotus, and Potentilla was three-fold lower for transplants grown with all neighbors than for those grown without neighbors, while Elaeagnus mass was reduced only by half [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
Add colourful shrubs such as Elaeagnus pungens 'Maculata', a bushy evergreen shrub with masses of glossy yellow leaves edged in green.
You can also add to this list the plants that thrive in coastal situation such as escallonia, tamarisk, olearia and elaeagnus.
The groom hand-cut the hickory logs that held half-gallon Mason jars filled with colorful floral arrangements of hydrangeas and wildflowers next to each antique church pew, and the ceremonial tent was decorated with heavy garlands of Elaeagnus and twinkling white lights.
And if you want to prolong your scented summer garden into autumn, plant foliage shrubs such as elaeagnus pungens Maculat, which produces fragrant small white flowers.
Other evergreen shrubs include elaeagnus varieties, aucuba, pittosporum and viburnum varieties.