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Moreover, while the actual sensitivity to an EMF is known for only a few elasmobranch species, we note that at least two Atlantic species, Carcharhinus plumbeus and Sphyrna lexvini, are able to detect an EMF in the 25-100pT range (Meyer et al.
An overview of the hooking mortality of elasmobranchs caught in a swordfish pelagic longline fishery in the Atlantic Ocean.
In most elasmobranch studies, sagittally sectioned vertebrae are selected as the primary age structure (Cailliet and Goldman, 2004), although clarity of annuli within vertebrae is largely species-specific.
Cailliet (1990) lists only 39 species of elasmobranchs for which there are published or ongoing age verification studies (McFarlane et al.
The bycatch in Chickens by weight was predominantly teleost fish (45%), with the second and third largest components being elasmobranchs and invertebrates at 28% and 27%, respectively.
Other occurrences of Port Jackson sharks and other elasmobranchs at Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary
An overview of the feeding ecology and physiology of elasmobranch fishes.