Elastic Fiber

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elastic fiber

[i′las·tik ′fī·bər]
A homogeneous, fibrillar connective tissue component that is highly refractile and appears yellowish when arranged in bundles.

Elastic Fiber


a type of fiber found in the intercellular substance of connective tissue. Elastic fibers are long homogeneous threads no more than two or three micrometers thick. They are intertwined and branched, forming a delicate network that refracts light strongly. The fibers consist of the stable elastic protein elastin, which withstands boiling. Elastic fibers are found in the walls of blood vessels, elastic cartilage, and areolar tissue.

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The Pro-regions of lysyl oxidase and lysyl oxidase-like 1 are required for deposition onto elastic fibers.
Elastic fibers in human skin: quantification of elastic fibers by computerized digital image analyses and determination of elastin by radioimmunoassay of demosine.
Whether SPP1 is bound to the elastin protein or to another component of the elastic fiber, maybe hyaluronic acid, is still unknown.
sup][3] As D-penicillamine performed as a copper chelater, which indirectly inhibited the activity of lysyl oxidase, abnormal elastic fibers were formed and accumulated.
The elastic fibers of multi-filament of 467 dtex having a diameter of about 40 [micro]m were spun by being extruded and dried at the air temperature of 250[degrees]C.
Tuesday morning, Mandella stood on the balcony of the track's backstretch cafeteria, clocking Men Only as the 4-year-old worked out on the tan surface that consists of synthetic fibers, elastic fiber and granulated rubber, coated with a wax blend and mixed with silica.
An elastic fiber called Dow XLA, or "The Freedom Fiber," has been introduced by Dow Fiber Solutions, a new business division of The Dow Chemical Co.
The cutter for fiber crushing must both tough and elastic fiber materials (eg.