Elastic Fiber

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elastic fiber

[i′las·tik ′fī·bər]
A homogeneous, fibrillar connective tissue component that is highly refractile and appears yellowish when arranged in bundles.
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Elastic Fiber


a type of fiber found in the intercellular substance of connective tissue. Elastic fibers are long homogeneous threads no more than two or three micrometers thick. They are intertwined and branched, forming a delicate network that refracts light strongly. The fibers consist of the stable elastic protein elastin, which withstands boiling. Elastic fibers are found in the walls of blood vessels, elastic cartilage, and areolar tissue.

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From these findings, one could speculate that protruding type is a more advanced stage of anetoderma and destruction of elastic fibers by MMP-2 and MMP-9 could be the main pathogenesis of anetoderma.
Consequently, KPE prevents wrinkle formation, skin atrophy, and loss of elasticity by increasing collagen and elastic fibers in MG hairless mice.
The Pro-regions of lysyl oxidase and lysyl oxidase-like 1 are required for deposition onto elastic fibers. J Biol Chem.
We also observed irregularly arranged, ruptured, swollen, and decreased elastic fibers, hyalinization, and increased number of collagen fibers in LF from LSS group.
Elastic fibers in human skin: quantification of elastic fibers by computerized digital image analyses and determination of elastin by radioimmunoassay of demosine.
The dermal lesions were histologically confirmed by the observation of mineralized elastic fibers in biopsy samples after von Kossa staining.
1 Red and blue filters helped win first prize for Marc Van Hove, an engineer at Centexbel (Belgian Textile Research Institute), Gent, Belgium, for his photo of an elastic fiber bundles used in sportswear.
T400' fiber is a new melt-spun elastic fiber from INVISTA based on multicomponent technology that revolutionizes the comfort hand wrinkle resistance and easy care of contemporary fabrics.
Therefore, collagen content will be often more on one or both directions (horizontal/vertical) depending on the repeated stress due to associated elastic fiber content, physical stretching, or functional reason.
An elastic fiber in a glass tube was heated to break under a load of 6.2 dyne/dtex at a heating speed of 1.7 [+ or -] 0.1[degrees]C/min.
The thickness of the aorta was measured by elastic fiber staining, and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) and phosphorylated-extracellular signal-regulated kinase (P-ERK) were detected in aortic tissues.