Elastic Fiber

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elastic fiber

[i′las·tik ′fī·bər]
A homogeneous, fibrillar connective tissue component that is highly refractile and appears yellowish when arranged in bundles.

Elastic Fiber


a type of fiber found in the intercellular substance of connective tissue. Elastic fibers are long homogeneous threads no more than two or three micrometers thick. They are intertwined and branched, forming a delicate network that refracts light strongly. The fibers consist of the stable elastic protein elastin, which withstands boiling. Elastic fibers are found in the walls of blood vessels, elastic cartilage, and areolar tissue.

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Therefore we suggested that a cutaneous morphometric analysis may be used as a reliable investigational method to evaluate alterations of elastic fibers, and could be a means of distinguishing between hereditary and acquired connective tissue diseases with involvement of elastic fibres.
From Jan to Sep 2007, the output of urethane elastic fibre in China reached 93,400 tons, up 25.
According to the statistics from National Bureau of Statistics of China, the bulletin of the listed companies and Webtextiles, the report analyzes the increase of the supply and demand of China urethane elastic fibre industry from 2007 to 2008.
1) noted the results of both animal and human studies suggesting that the pregnancy-related alterations in steroid hormones may cause a variety of arterial changes, including intimal hyperplasia, thickening of the media associated with smooth muscle hyperplasia, fragmentation of reticular fibres and loss of normal corrugation of elastic fibres.
Toxins create wrinkles, lines, elastic fibres get weak, your eyes become weak and you can see the exhau-stion of the systems in every single organ and tissue.
Gaudreau, president of Shefford Textiles Ltee, says that the demand has led to increasing use of elastic fibres such as spandex.
Stewart Bradley, 50, had the inherited disorder Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE), which causes fragmentation and mineralisation of elastic fibres in some tissues.
Your inner dermis consists of strong collagen and elastic fibres pierced by blood vessels.
BDO is used to produce thermoplastic polyurethanes, elastic fibres, pharmaceuticals, solvents and plant protection coatings.
u=BA06126Fl The sun's rays shorten and reduce the flexibility of the elastic fibres that make young skin firm and smooth
The majority of wrinkling is caused by repeated sunlight damage from UVA rays which causes changes in the elastic fibres in the skin.
Most significantly, PL administration reduced the number of proliferating cells by 13%, increased the number of p53(+) cells by 63%, enhanced the antioxidant plasma capacity (ORAC) by 30% and reinforced the network of dermal elastic fibres.