Elastic Fiber

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elastic fiber

[i′las·tik ′fī·bər]
A homogeneous, fibrillar connective tissue component that is highly refractile and appears yellowish when arranged in bundles.

Elastic Fiber


a type of fiber found in the intercellular substance of connective tissue. Elastic fibers are long homogeneous threads no more than two or three micrometers thick. They are intertwined and branched, forming a delicate network that refracts light strongly. The fibers consist of the stable elastic protein elastin, which withstands boiling. Elastic fibers are found in the walls of blood vessels, elastic cartilage, and areolar tissue.

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Degenerative processes of elastic fibers in sun-protected and sun-exposed skin: immunoelectron microscopic observation of elastin, fibrillin-1, amyloid P component, lysozyme and alpha1-antitrypsin.
X] of SPUU elastic fibers decreases with an increase of (m + n) of segment structures.
At the interface of the nuchal ligament with the fibrocartilaginous mass, the ligamentous tissue appears degenerated, with fragmentation of the elastic fibers.
The data show that ELASTIderm eye treatment can help increase the presence of elastic fibers in the treated periorbital areas of skin.
First, regrowth of the envelopes may occur in a chaotic manner, resulting in a neuroma--a disorganized mix of fibroblasts, collagen, elastic fibers, perineural cells, Schwann cells, and neurites.
Dermal fillers are injected into areas where elastic fibers in the face have broken down, creating fine lines.
Plastics, solvents, electronic chemicals and elastic fibers are been made and used largely by the BDO and its derivatives.
Elastic fibers are progressively lysed during maturation and aging and in an accelerated fashion in several aging diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, emphysema and several skin diseases.
The Dorlastan acquisition will allow AKF to strengthen its position as a leading manufacturer of synthetic elastic fibers and expand its geographical presence.
UVA has a longer wavelength than UVB, penetrating deeper into the skin to cause damage to its elastic fibers.
BDO and its derivatives are widely used for producing plastics, solvents, electronic chemicals and elastic fibers.