Elastic Fiber

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elastic fiber

[i′las·tik ′fī·bər]
A homogeneous, fibrillar connective tissue component that is highly refractile and appears yellowish when arranged in bundles.

Elastic Fiber


a type of fiber found in the intercellular substance of connective tissue. Elastic fibers are long homogeneous threads no more than two or three micrometers thick. They are intertwined and branched, forming a delicate network that refracts light strongly. The fibers consist of the stable elastic protein elastin, which withstands boiling. Elastic fibers are found in the walls of blood vessels, elastic cartilage, and areolar tissue.

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d, e, f) The amount of elastic fibers in outer surface of tunica albuginea and subsinusoidal area in Group 1 is lower than Groups 2 and 3, whereas the amount of elastic fibers in Group 2 is almost similar to Group 3 (Verhoeff-Van Gieson's elastic stain, x200).
Elastic fibers and pericytes appeared to keep the vessel patent (structural support).
The fibrocartilaginous structure of the articular disc the course of the movements of the collagen bunches and the distributions of the elastic fibers were similar to those in the literature (Gillbe 1973 1975; Kabak 2002a).
In most cases, the trigger remains unknown, except for the D-penicillamine-induced forms, because it is a copper chelator able to delay the enzymatic function and the correct deposition of elastic fibers (4).
5 cm CVRL was very thick and consisted of large collagen fibres, elastic fibers, and loose areolar tissue with few smooth muscle cells.
Angioid streaks result from calcification of the elastic fibers in Bruch's membrane of the retina.
A selective histochemical method for the quantitative estimation of elastic fibers by computerized morphometric analysis.
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum is an autosomally inherited disorder associated with the accumulation of mineralized and fragmented elastic fibers in the skin, Bruch's membrane in the retina, and vessel walls.
Histomorphometric parameters and susceptibility to neutrophil elastases degradation of : elastic fibers from healthy individuals and patients with Marfan syndrome, Ehlers Danlos type IV, and pseudoxanthoma elasticum.
Grilley explains in the introductory lecture on his two-disc DVD set, Yin Yoga, that because connective tissue is yin (more static) compared to muscle (yang), yang muscle-strengthening exercises that involve movement and repetition are inappropriate for strengthening the less elastic fibers.
The higher incidence of alopeda in black patients could be partially explained by the fact that there are fewer elastic fibers in black skin to anchor hair follicles to the dermis (Dermatol.
The disorder is histologically characterized by a progressive calcification and fragmentation of elastic fibers.