an urban-type settlement in Amur Raion, Khabarovsk Krai, RSFSR. El’ban has a railroad station on the Volochaevka–Komsomol’sk-na-Amure line, 76 km southwest of Komsomol’skna-Amure. The settlement has a machine plant and a dairy-vegetable sovkhoz.

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The historians on our side tell us that the armies of the allied powers were all providentially on a war-footing, and ready to bear down at a moment's notice upon the Elban Emperor.
I would like to thank our chief executive Adhil Elban, and our other supporters for giving us the opportunity to play at these kinds of tournaments.
on slender Edin's red, ired, sore wender-caners ere vernal lad Allan Revere's retooled, older, ranker, gnus-nude nob-warder, snide dewan Odella, paroled Elban Ema
Elban, in Microindentation Techniques in Materials Science and Engineering, ASTM STP 829, P.
Of course, there is a scientific explanation for the interesting results, according to Professor Wayne Elban, a 21-year veteran of Loyola's Department of Engineering Science.
When asked whether he was surprised by his students' data, Professor Elban said, "I conducted this same experiment myself on three different occasions last summer after aluminum bottles first came to my attention, and obtained readings in the same hierarchy within one-half to one degree each time.
Professor Elban received his PhD in Applied Sciences (Metallurgy) from the University of Delaware, where he also earned a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.
My interest in this phenomenon was peaked by a news radio report on WBAL here in Baltimore," explained Professor Elban.
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