Elbert County

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Elbert County, Georgia

PO Box 619
Elberton, GA 30635
Phone: (706) 283-2005
Fax: (706) 213-7286

On northeastern border of GA, northeast of Athens; organized Dec 10, 1790 from Wilkes County. Name Origin: For Gen. Samuel Elbert (1743-88), Revolutionary War hero and GA governor (1785-86)

Area (sq mi):: 374.54 (land 368.76; water 5.78) Population per square mile: 56.40
Population 2005: 20,799 State rank: 85 Population change: 2000-20005 1.40%; 1990-2000 8.20% Population 2000: 20,511 (White 65.80%; Black or African American 30.90%; Hispanic or Latino 2.40%; Asian 0.20%; Other 2.00%). Foreign born: 1.90%. Median age: 37.20
Income 2000: per capita $14,535; median household $28,724; Population below poverty level: 17.30% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $20,898-$22,274
Unemployment (2004): 5.20% Unemployment change (from 2000): -2.00% Median travel time to work: 21.20 minutes Working outside county of residence: 27.30%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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Elbert County, Colorado

PO Box 597
Kiowa, CO 80117
Phone: (303) 621-3132
Fax: (303) 621-3166

In east-central CO, southeast of Denver; organized Feb 2, 1874, from Douglas and Greenwood counties (prior to statehood), the latter of which was organized in 1874 and abolished in 1878 by being divided between Bent and Elbert counties. Name Origin: For Samuel H. Elbert (1833-1907), CO territorial governor (1873-74) and chief justice of CO Supreme Court (1880-83)

Area (sq mi):: 1850.89 (land 1850.78; water 0.11) Population per square mile: 12.30
Population 2005: 22,788 State rank: 22 Population change: 2000-20005 14.70%; 1990-2000 106.00% Population 2000: 19,872 (White 93.20%; Black or African American 0.60%; Hispanic or Latino 3.90%; Asian 0.40%; Other 3.80%). Foreign born: 1.90%. Median age: 37.20
Income 2000: per capita $24,960; median household $62,480; Population below poverty level: 4.00% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $31,124-$30,522
Unemployment (2004): 4.60% Unemployment change (from 2000): 1.80% Median travel time to work: 41.10 minutes Working outside county of residence: 71.60%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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A Georgia man was arrested last month after a joint effort between investigators in the Fraud Unit at the Georgia Department of Insurance and multiple state agencies discovered he was allegedly operating a chop shop in Elbert County.
Elbert County Clerk Dallas Schroeder put up the poster in 2014 after a federal appeals court ruling made marriage equality the law in Colorado and several other nearby states.
Sets of RESCUE[R] Stink Bug Traps were deployed at 2 locations during 2011 in Elbert County (near Elberton), McDuffie County (near Dearing), and Union County (near Blairsville), and at 4 locations in Peach County (2 sites at the USDA, ARS Laboratory near Byron,1 site near Ft.
The tour will commence with an event at Elbert County, Colorado, the author's home.
The middle depicts an outline of Elbert County, for which Elberton is the seat of government, along with a smaller outline of the state.
Coffman had declared to a crowd in Elbert County on May 12, "I don't know whether Barack Obama was born in the United States of America.
But Elbert County sheriff's Lieutenant Michelle Mattive said she believed there was only one tornado, but due to its up-and-down movements gave the appearance of two.
Today, spoke hospitals in Georgia that are connected to MCG include Cobb Memorial Hospital, Elbert County Hospital, Emanuel County Hospital, Jefferson County Hospital, Jenkins County Hospital, McDuffie Regional Hospital, Morgan Memorial Hospital, Washington Regional Medical Center, Wills Memorial Hospital, and Tilt County Regional Medical Center.
The Elbert County Courthouse in Kiowa, Colorado, for example, is only 21 years old, but it has been closed for most of the last two years due to mold-related health hazards caused by a leaky roof and an unsealed foundation.
Other community volunteer work includes assisting at the Stampede (rodeo events) in Elizabeth, Colo., and serving; as a volunteer escort for elderly citizens visiting the Elbert County Fair.
The professional collection at Elbert County (Georgia) Middle School is rarely used by teachers.