Northwestern University

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Northwestern University,

mainly at Evanston, Ill.; coeducational; chartered 1851, opened 1855 by Methodists. In 1873 it absorbed Evanston College for Ladies. Notable on the Evanston campus are Dearborn Observatory, the Technological Institute, and the theater department. The Deering library includes a noted collection of first- and limited-edition books on contemporary English and American literature. The schools of medicine, dentistry, and law are at Chicago.
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While addressing nearly 80 people at a forum at the University of Adelaide's Elder Hall entitled Julian Assange - Journalist or Terrorist?
more as grandfather than as business pioneer, Dave picked up from the elder Hall his first sense of the talent, energy and commitment required to run a successful company.
The school, which sits at an elevation of 6,748 feet in the San Bernadino National Forest, about a 2-hour drive from Los Angeles, didn't have a track or cross country program until the elder Hall started one after Ryan's sophomore season.
In 1958, the elder Hall and his partner bought a second operation, the 30-employee Harrington Foundry, Benton, Pennsylvania, also a gray iron, green sand jobbing operation, and changed its name to Benton Foundry, Inc.
During an interview at his house Friday, the elder Hall said he had hoped someone could help control his son.