elaeagnus umbellata

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Red berry clusters, pointy long oval leathery leaves with silvery underside. Silvery spots on berries and leaves. Almost 20 times more lycopene than tomatoes (good for prostate). Looks like red shiny berry, not “olive”. Somewhere between shrub and tree, with gnarly trunk, branches have thorns. Yellow white flowers. Berries are green through summer, until fall, when they turn orange, then red. Each berry contains one yellow-tan seed with lines running along its length. Related to Buffalo-berry. Berries are ready to eat when they pop off the branch easily. They are less tart the longer they ripen. Can be eaten straight from the bush. Don’t eat seed pits.
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Shrubs were generally sparse in this woodlot but included scattered populations of Xanthoxylum americanum Mill, and the invasive species Eleagnus umbellata and Lonicera maackii.
X Eleagnus umbellata X X Fagus grandifolia X Fraxinus pennsylvanica X X Gleditsia triancanthos X Ilex decidua X X Juniperus canadensis X X Ligustrum vulgare X Liquidambar styraciflua X Lonicera japonica X X Nyssa sylvatica X X Ostrya virginiana X Finns taeda X X Prunus serotina X X Quercus alba X X Quercus coccinea X X Quercus falcata X Quercus imbricaria X Quercus marilandica X X Quercus rubra X X Quercus stellata X X Rhus alata X X Rosa multiflora X Rubus allegheniensis X X Rubussp.
ELAEAGNACEAE (Oleaster Family) ELEAGNUS UMBELLATA Thunb.--CW, SW; OF, WE; Infrequent; C = 0; BSUH 20004.