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the chairman and civic head of a municipal corporation in many countries



the highest official in the municipalities of the USA, Great Britain, France, and a number of other bourgeois states. As a rule, mayors are elected by the municipal government and sometimes directly by the people. In some countries they are appointed or confirmed by the central government.

The mayor represents the municipal government and presides over its sessions. In France and some other states, the mayor, as an agent of the central government, heads the municipal administration. The mayor is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the municipal budget. He appoints individuals to numerous municipal posts and directs the work of the municipal bureaucracy. Certain powers, such as the registration of civil acts, are exercised by the mayor as a representative of the central authority.

In Great Britain and in some US cities mayors basically perform the functions of representatives and chairmen. The clerks of municipal councils and municipal administrators play the most important roles in the executive branches of the municipalities of Great Britain and the USA, respectively.

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The Government and supporters of directly elected mayors in England's biggest cities say there is clear evidence that they offer strong leadership, boosting the local economy and accountability.
We may end up with an elected mayor in this city - but what we really need is a regional democratic voice able to speak for the West Midlands and tackle the big economic and social challenges in partnership with Birmingham as the regional capital.
Council leader Clr Mehboob Khan said Clr Bolt was being hypocritical, since Conservative policy nationally is to support elected mayors.
There is a barely disguised bribe that a city voting for an elected mayor will get more delegated powers and resources.
Elected mayors are less accountable because however bad they may be, we are stuck with them for four years.
But it's important that people have access to all the facts about elected mayors so they can take an informed decision.
Lord Adonis argued an elected mayor was an opportunity to create a city leader who would be recognised on the national stage.
A Welsh Government spokesman said: "The option for a directly elected mayor is a matter for the electorate and the local authority.
But they have to gather signatures from 5% of the city's voters, about 17,000 people, to force a vote on whether an elected mayor should be introduced.
One of the things I wanted to have the committee take a look is which is most advantageous to the city - continue the rotation system or having a specifically elected mayor,'' Gillette said.
8 per cent backed an option that included a committee system while just 15 per cent supported an elected mayor and Cabinet and 7.
ere area number of dierent options which range from a regional assembly type arrangement, a combined authority or a sub-regional elected mayor which takes responsibility for such things as strategic transport, regeneration and also the skills agenda with a big responsibility for economic growth which is so important for the country in dealing with the def-try def icit and public borrowing.