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a public declaration of intent, policy, aims, etc., as issued by a political party, government, or movement



(1) A solemn address or declaration from some organization that sets forth political views.

(2) An act of a head of state or supreme body of government addressed to the people and relating to some major political event such as a reform of the system of power or the accession of a new monarch.

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The BJP released its election manifesto on April 7 hours after the first round of voting started.
It may be recalled that the Election Commission in 2006 had raised concern over the practice of promising freebies in the election manifesto.
Baroness Warsi, Andrew RT Davies and Cheryl Gillan at the launch of the Welsh Conservative local election manifesto
PARIS: Following are the main policies of France's main opposition Socialist Party, as laid out in an election manifesto that will, with some additions and adjustments, form the basis of the 2012 presidential election campaign of Francois Hollande, winner of the party's primary contest Oct.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan unveiled his election manifesto "Turkey is Ready; Target 2023" and set 5 main targets: advanced democracy, great economy, strong society, viable environment and brand cities.
Although the pro-Ozawa camp calls on the DPJ to stick to the 2009 Lower House election manifesto, it is clear that there are not enough funds to implement it as it was.
With a number of other rival political parties having already published their election manifestos, the Republican Party (RP) is set to release its own this month.
How can she be trusted at the next General Election when she has broken her very solid promise in the 2005 election manifesto for a referendum?
IT IS very important that racing does not allow the government to forget its election manifesto commitment to transfer the Tote to racing for a nominal sum of approximately pounds 50 million.
Britain's Blair launches his 'Labour legacy' election manifesto
The commission says that the slum demolition "contradicts the promise of the Congress Party in its election manifesto in the recent assembly elections to protect slums built before 2000, a promise widely believed to have garnered electoral support among Mumbai's poor.
Margaret Thatcher reviewed the Labour Party election manifesto and said, "Don't grumble when you win converts; they are always welcome.