Elective Course

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Elective Course


in the USSR, an optional course of study that may be taken by students of higher educational institutions, specialized secondary schools, or vocational-technical schools. Students in the higher grades of general-educational schools may also take elective courses. Elective courses broaden and deepen the students’ theoretical knowledge and applied skills, develop their abilities, and satisfy their personal interests.

Elective courses deal with current scientific, technological, and cultural issues and with individual topics in which students have become interested during the study of a particular field. A list of recommended elective courses is usually included in a school’s curriculum. Decisions on which courses the list will include are made by councils of institutions of higher education and of departments, as well as by councils of teachers in specialized secondary, vocational-technical, and general-educational schools in accordance with the interests of the students.

Elective courses also include practical training courses, seminars, and laboratory classes. In secondary schools, elective courses are taught by faculty members of higher educational institutions, staff members of research institutions, and specialists in aspects of culture and the national economy.


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Missing elective course grades reported incorrectly on the e-okul system means that those grades were also not included on the school reports of the eighth grade students.
The objectives of this project are to identify source materials and develop the outlines for the four basic courses and the 12 elective courses for the Ahead of the Curve training, and to pilot test and evaluate the one-day introductory course currently under development by the Task Force.
The survey instrument (see Appendix) consisted of items measuring the presence of IS 2010 elements, including core and elective courses taught, prerequisites, and career tracks.
The standard unit of credit is the same as for any elective course.
Ambassador, and taught an elective course in accounting for one semester.
THE Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE) has decided to introduce an elective course called ' Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India' for classes XI and XII in the current academic session.
With the top elective course electives are most important.
The proposed elective course will include the understanding of the "Mindanao problem" and the "Moro problem" as well as the roots of the conflict and its impact on the rest of the country, with appropriate attention to the history of the Muslims and the appreciation of the various cultures and ethnic identities.
After its month-long run at Columbia, the elective course will have a second trial in the fall at the University of Iowa, and the Association will work to get other schools around the nation to offer it.
And Yale now offers an elective course featuring issues and public policy management components.
This year, the phrase has been removed, though the one-credit elective course continues to be offered.
The study trip abroad is an elective course designed to familiarize students with a justice system other than that which obtains in the United States.