Electoral Bloc

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Electoral Bloc


an agreement by two or more parties for the joint nomination of a candidate or list of candidates in elections to representative organs (parliament), the presidency, or other offices. The electoral laws of some capitalist countries, such as France, West Germany, Switzerland, India, Australia, Ecuador, and Colombia, allow parties to form blocs in elections in exceptional cases, although as a rule a party can act only in its own name in elections. Parties can announce the creation of an electoral bloc before the voting is carried out or before the final results are determined. (In the first case, parties put forward a joint candidate or list of candidates ahead of time.) In the case of a bloc formation in a district in which only one deputy is elected, one of the parties that joins the bloc removes its candidate and calls on its constituency to vote for the candidate of the allied party. In districts in which several deputies are nominated, the parties of the bloc nominate a common list, and the mandates obtained are divided among them on the basis of the number of votes cast for them. In certain countries, such as Australia, electoral blocs do not take the form of a merger of candidates, but rather of preferential voting. In the countries where elections are carried out in two rounds, as in France, electoral blocs are established only when no one candidate receives an absolute majority of the votes cast in the electoral district in the first round.

The combining of lists is a special variety of electoral bloc. A voter votes for the list of his party, but his vote may be counted for the candidate of another party if the leaders of the respective parties agree that the votes cast for their lists are to be regarded as votes cast for a single list; that is, the voter does not know in advance for which party’s candidate his vote will be registered.

In a number of capitalist countries the electoral bloc is used as a form for uniting the forces of the left. In the elections of 1948 the Italian Communist Party formed a bloc called the Popular Democratic Front; in 1968 the Party and the Socialist Party nominated joint candidates with the Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity in the elections to the Senate. In 1966 the French Communist Party made an electoral bloc agreement with the Federation of Democratic and Socialist Left Forces. In 1956 the Popular Action Front was established in Chile; it included the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, and the Popular Socialist Party. Cooperating with a number of left-wing parties, the Communist Party of India scored notable successes in the elections of 1957, 1967, and 1971.

In the USSR, a single bloc of Communists and non-Party members nominates candidates in the elections to the Soviets of Working People’s Deputies.


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For example, in 1999 Olusegun Obasanjo enjoyed the support of every electoral bloc except the Southwest.
His party won 17 percent of the vote in March to become the largest party in a center-right electoral bloc, which Salvini then abandoned to form a government with 5-Star.
(TAP) - President of the "Ibssar" association of leisure and culture for the blind and visually impaired Mohamed Mansouri said despite the laws put in place in Tunisia for people with disabilities, officials merely consider them as an electoral bloc.
HM the King welcomed the increase in number of women candidates in the 2018 elections to 44 compared to 8 in 2002, in addition to their presence in 26 constituencies, where women constitute 50% of the electoral bloc, affirming support for exercising their political rights as a key component of the society.
Moqtada al-Sadr, a populist Shiite preacher whose electoral bloc came first in May's election, said on Twitter that Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi must release more funds for Basra.
The militia's electoral bloc, the Fatah Alliance, came it at second place.
party at its congress on March 25 voted in favor of establishing an electoral bloc with For Latvia's Development and the Growth party for the upcoming general elections in Latvia.
"Women represent 49 percent of the electoral bloc in Egypt.
BAGHDAD, IRAQ (NINA) - A well-informed source confirmed the determination of Prime Minister Haider Abadi to launch his national electoral bloc al-Nasir "victory" cross-sectarian.
The ruling People's Party (PP) was the only political party to collectively vote against the resolution while the main opposition Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE), the Convergence and Union (CiU) nationalist electoral bloc in the autonomous Catalonia and other parties abstained from voting.
He pointed out that 12 out of the 17 candidates are competing for the seats in one electoral bloc, named The Family Bloc, vis-[euro]u-vis five independent ones.