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He said that electoral legislation has been improved in recent years, in particular the size of electoral deposit was halved.
So far, only eight candidates have complied with the requirement of the current election code: a payment of 8 million drams (about $20,000) as an electoral deposit.
The Central Election Commission has made the decision at today's meeting not to return the electoral deposit in the amount of 100,000 som to three presidential candidates- Toktaim Umetalieva, Kalybek Arabaev and Omurbek Egemberdiev.
The candidates were registered in accordance with the chapter 10 of the constitutional law on presidential and parliamentary elections, proof of transfer of the electoral deposit, statement of the Kyrgyz language commission and check of the electoral documents submitted by the presidential candidates.
The lists with 30,000 collected signatures were submitted to the Central Election Commission and 100,000 som electoral deposit was transferred.
Twenty two presidential candidates transferred 100,000 som electoral deposit to the special account of the Central Election Commission, AKIpress was told in CEC.
These candidates already transferred 100,000 som electoral deposit.
Some demanded to abolish the requirement of collecting 30,000 signatures in their support and to transfer 100,000 som as electoral deposit.
Nazarbek Nyshanov said the requirement for presidential candidates to deposit 100,000 som as electoral deposit at the account of the Central Election Commission is financial discrimination.
Electoral deposit will be returned to a candidate after the elections, in case at least 5 percent of voters vote for this presidential candidate.
Unfortunately, the current Election Code has a provision on electoral deposit, which was not throughly elaborated.
Political parties should submit lists of candidates and a proof of transfer of the electoral deposit before 6.