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Modi urges people to vote: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to voters to exercise their electoral right as polling for the sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections.
He pointed out that each voter should exercise his own electoral right in his electoral constituency, explaining that each electoral constituency has a headquarters dedicated to the implementation of the various procedures of the electoral process, including registering voters and candidates, adjudicating appeals, conducting the election and announcing the results.
During the meeting, Kubic stressed the keenness of the United Nations on the success of the political process and the formation of the next government cab, as soon as possible, with the participation of Turkmen component and Iraqi Turkmen Front deputies in it, just as a constitutional and electoral right guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution.
The NEA spokesperson Mahmoud El Sherif, who also serves as the deputy head of the NEA, extended his appreciation and respect for all voters who casted their ballots on the first day of presidential election nationwide, urging the Egyptian people to perform their electoral right. El Sherif said that the NEA's operation room has received hundreds of complaints and inquiries along the first day of voting, adding that they dealt effectively with all the complaints through active communication with the subcommittees.
"The paid news is of such a character that it would either deter or tend to deter voters from supporting that candidate whom they would have supported from free exercise of their electoral right but for their being affected or attempted to be affected by the maker or publisher of the paid news."
"This initiative disputes the decision for organizing the early parliamentary elections, because the unbalanced electoral districts breach the 22 article of the Constitution which guarantees equal electoral right to every voter, as well as breach of article 51.
Momani commended the Ministry of Education, security agencies, the ministries of public works, communications and energy, and also singled out for praise the national media outlets, namely Petra and Jordan Television, as well as voluntary teams that help voters to exercise their electoral right.
The Vice President of the Republic has pointed to the president formation of a commission for the referendum in order that Darfur people would exercise their electoral right, announcing a comprehensive plan for the education, health, the water and the development of the livestock and the nomads during the coming four years besides the fight against the illiteracy, and the out of schools children.
He affirmed that all measures had been taken to ensure that the citizens head to the polling stations to exercise their electoral right easily.
The Ministry clarified, in a statement, that no sign is to be marked on ID's or passports for those who are going to practice their electoral right, adding that those who want to vote should come in person.
Sheikh Hamad bin Hamoud al-Mahrouqi, Wali of Dhank and Head of the Electoral Committee met with heads and members of the sub-committees of elections during which he highlighted the importance of practicing the electoral right ensured by the law.
"Iraqiya is to occupy 12 ministerial posts in the next government, which is our electoral right, in addition to the posts of deputy president, deputy prime minister and the chairmanship of the Supreme National Council for Strategic Studies," he was quoted as saying.