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see ballotballot,
means of voting for candidates for office. The choice may be indicated on or by the ballot forms themselves—e.g., colored balls (hence the term ballot, which is derived from the Italian ballotta,
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; electionelection,
choosing a candidate for office in an organization by the vote of those enfranchised to cast a ballot. General History

In ancient Greek democracies (e.g., Athens) public officials were occasionally elected but more often were chosen by lot.
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; franchisefranchise,
in government, a right specifically conferred on a group or individual by a government, especially the privilege conferred by a municipality on a corporation of operating public utilities, such as electricity, telephone, and bus services.
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; votingvoting,
method of registering collective approval or disapproval of a person or a proposal. The term generally refers to the process by which citizens choose candidates for public office or decide political questions submitted to them.
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; woman suffragewoman suffrage,
the right of women to vote. Throughout the latter part of the 19th cent. the issue of women's voting rights was an important phase of feminism. In the United States

It was first seriously proposed in the United States at Seneca Falls, N.Y.
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the right to vote in elections.


1. the right to vote, esp in public elections; franchise
2. the exercise of such a right; casting a vote
3. a supporting vote
4. a prayer, esp a short intercessory prayer
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Reacting to the projection of Rahul Gandhi as the future leader of the Congress Party, Hazare said: "It is a democracy and people would choose whom they want, we have nothing to do with their option of exercising electoral franchise.
Shimla, May 14 (ANI): A record of sorts was witnessed at polling booth at Mateiyan Majjhar in Shimla, when 127-year-old Bhadru exercised his electoral franchise alongside hundreds of other first time voters in the elections to the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.
Actor Rahul Bose, who exercised his electoral franchise at a polling booth in the Peddar Road area of south Mumbai, said that whosoever comes to power, he/she should treat all 'Mumbaikers' (residents of Mumbai) equally.