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a public declaration of intent, policy, aims, etc., as issued by a political party, government, or movement



(1) A solemn address or declaration from some organization that sets forth political views.

(2) An act of a head of state or supreme body of government addressed to the people and relating to some major political event such as a reform of the system of power or the accession of a new monarch.

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According to sources, it stated in while paper that ruling PML-N has not fulfilled any promise made with people in the electoral manifesto.
Shabir Ahmed Khan who is also a candidate for the National Assembly constituency NA-1 from Peshawar in his speech said only Jamaat had announced its electoral manifesto.
They give the impression that if voters say "Yes" to their party, its program and electoral manifesto, they can use state power as much as they see fit.
They give the impression that when voters say "yes" to their party, its program and electoral manifesto, they can use the state power as they like.
Contract notice: Tender for the provision of Cleaning services at the premises pertaining to the Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto using environmentally friendly materials and equipment.
He said that incumbent government will give priority to the pressing issues of law and order, energy crisis, good governance and restoration of local government as raised and promised by them in their electoral manifestos and campaign.