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electoral register

(in the UK) a list of all electors entitled to vote in a local, parliamentary or European election. The electoral register is compiled in mid-October every year and shows the names and addresses of UK nationals aged 18 years and over, together with those who will attain that age during the lifetime of the register. Although some people fail to register, the electoral register is useful to the sociologist in that it provides an up-to-date list of inhabitants of a given area from which to draw random and non-random samples of the population for QUESTIONNAIRE and related studies.

Electoral Register


a document listing persons who have the right to vote in a given electoral district. In the USSR, electoral registers are compiled by the executive committees of corresponding soviets of people’s deputies and are posted well in advance of elections, so that the voters can check the accuracy of their entries in the register. Complaints of inaccuracy in an electoral register are lodged with the executive committee that compiled the register.

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Through this method, in fact, a completely new electoral roll will be created.
Tenders are invited for Proposes to select one Computer Firm for the revision of electoral rolls and preparation of Electors Photo Identity Cards (EPICs) for Nabarangpur Sub-Division.
So the news that some councils wanted to use the electoral roll to find council–tax dodgers was like turning a fire hose on Scotland's "carnival of democracy".
At the beginning of August about 230,000 voters were believed to be missing from the electoral roll, with 4,167,000 Scots aged 16 and over registered.
On the back of Turkish Cypriot journalist Sener Levent's protest on Thursday, when he wrote an article calling for the postponement of the European Parliament elections in Cyprus because his son -- and several others who had contacted him -- were not included in the special electoral roll listing eligible Turkish Cypriot voters, many more came forth yesterday with the same claim.
Concerning the technical equipment required in the preparation of electronic electoral roll, al-Hakimi said that the related tender was announced by the UNDP Office in Copenhagen, and won by the French Gemalto [an international digital security company provides software applications], adding that the company have brought to the SCER's stores 2,950 devices, out of 4860, each includes a computer, a camera and a fingerprint device.
The Council takes its duty to adhere to the legislation controlling the use and sale of the electoral roll very seriously and a person's name and address may only be sold on if the person states annually that they are allowing it to be sold.
Under current electoral legislation, people already enrolled can only change the type of electoral roll they are on during a Maori Electoral Option.
A total of 16 197 have been taken off the electoral roll, of them 7315 serving prison terms, 7102 legally incapacitated, 1773 who filed applications to vote overseas (according to statistics of the Foreign Ministry) and 7 holders of certificates for voting elsewhere.
When the system was introduced in Northern Ireland there was a drop of 11% in the electoral roll.
17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Tracesmart has announced it has expanded its wealth of accurate, up-to-date data with the recent addition of 2011 edited Electoral Roll records.
CARDIFF, Wales, February 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Tracesmart has announced it has expanded its wealth of accurate, up-to-date data with the recent addition of 2011 edited Electoral Roll records.