Electric Constant

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electric constant

[i¦lek·trik ′kän·stənt]
The permittivity of empty space, equal to 1 in centimeter-gram-second electrostatic units and to 107/4π c 2 farads per meter or, numerically, to 8.854 × 10-12 farad per meter in International System units, where c is the speed of light in meters per second. Symbolized ε0.
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Electric Constant


(or permittivity of free, or empty, space), the constant of proportionality ∊0 in Coulomb’s law, which gives the force of interaction between two point charges at rest.

In the International System of Units (SI), ∊0 = 10 7/4πC 2 farads per meter (F/m) = 8.85418782 ± 0.00000007 F/m, where c is the speed of light in m/sec. In the centimeter-gram-second (cgs) electrostatic system and in the Gaussian system, ∊0 is taken to be a dimensionless factor equal to unity.

In contrast to the dielectric constant ∊, which depends on the type of substance, temperature, pressure, and other parameters, the electric constant ∊0 depends only on the choice of a system of units.

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The actual permittivity, , is then calculated by multiplying the relative permittivity by the electric constant, o (vacuum permittivity): = = (1+ ), where is the electric susceptibility of the seed.
The Prep 250 electric constant pressure column-packing pump delivers flows to 250 mL/min and handles system pressures up to 7500 psi (517 bar).
where [epsilon]0 is the electric constant, [epsilon] is the relative dielectric constant of insulation; [epsilon]0 = 1/[[mu].sub.0] [c.sup.2.sub.0] = 8.85 x [10.sup.-12] F/m; [c.sub.0] = 2.99 ...
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--the value 4[pi][[epsilon].sub.0], which in SI units is 1.11 x [10.sup.-10] Farad/metre, is replaced by a new electric constant s0 = [m.sub.e]/[r.sub.e] = 3.23 x [10.sup.-16] [kg/m];
where B is the magnetic flux density vector; A is the vector magnetic potential; [nabla]V is scalar electric potential difference; [[mu].sub.x] is relative permeability; [[mu].sub.0] = 4[pi] x [10.sup.-7]H/m is magnetic constant; sr is relative permittivity; [[epsilon].sub.0]=8,85 x [10.sup.-12] F/m is electric constant.
In Japan and Russia, scientists are levitating masses with superconductors; in Germany, experimenters are debugging a vacuum Faraday system, whereby gold atoms beamed onto a collector yield an electric constant, from which an Avogadro number can be derived.
where [z.sub.1] and [z.sub.2] are the numbers of the electric charges, c is the velocity of light, [m.sub.e] is the electron's mass, while [epsilon] = [m.sub.e]/[r.sub.e] is a new electric constant, which is 3.23 x [10.sup.-16] kg/m and is the linear density of the vortical tube.