Electric Fence

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electric fence

[i¦lek·trik ′fens]
A fence consisting of one or more lengths of wire energized with high-voltage, low-current pulses, and giving a warning shock when touched.
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Electric Fence


a length of thin, steel wire strung between fence posts and periodically energized with short, low-power electric pulses. An electric fence is used to enclose plots on which livestock are pastured in rotation grazing. An animal that touches the wire completes the electric circuit and receives a brief shock. Animals quickly develop a fear of the wire. Storage batteries with a voltage of 6 volts or less serve as the power source for an electric fence. The wire is strung 40 to 80 cm above the ground, depending on the type of livestock that are grazing.

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Farmers living along the Mt Kenya Forest are now reaping the benefits of an electric fence that has helped keep off elephants that earlier prevented them from venturing into horticulture as they would destroy crops.Mr Julius Mbaya, who has lived in Marimba village on the edge of Upper Imenti Forest since 1986, could not grow anything besides tea due to daily invasions by elephants.
Deer can absolutely jump an electric fence, but when the fence is properly designed and implemented, deer will opt for other food sources.
Zookeepers stress the electric fence is there for the safety of both the animals and the public.
Jewish extremist settlers also today closed hundreds of dunums of Palestinian land with an electric fence in the northern Jordan Valley, Palestinian official in charge of the Jordan Valley file in Tubas, Moataz Bisharat, said in a statement.
Residents of Khumaga in the Boteti Sub-district have been urged to reach a common understanding on installation of Makgadikgadi game proof electric fence.
If you plan to move your electric fence weekly or more often, look into Premier 1's PoultryNet series of fences.
A Lagos High Court at Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) has ordered Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) of South Korea to remove the barricade and the electric fence it erected around the facility of Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics (LADOL) within seven days.
The Czech Republic has already taken similar measures, installing an electric fence, while now Romania will do it at the border with Ukraine.
It is best known for constructing an electric fence around the Aberdares to keep off elephants and other game.
A back-up battery for the Asian lions' electric fence also malfunctioned.