Electric Truck

Electric Truck


a self-propelled, railless, wheeled cart powered by a storage battery. An electric truck may have a lifting or a nonlifting platform that is controlled by an operator sitting or standing on the truck. Load capacities range from 0.5 ton to more than 100 tons. With a chassis, a storage battery, power equipment, switchgear, and electric traction motors, a typical truck may travel at speeds of up to 20 km/hr.

Electric trucks are used in industrial and commercial enterprises and at transportation facilities such as railroad stations, marine and river terminals, and airports. The trucks commonly used in the USSR have load capacities of 1, 2, 5, and 10 tons. Adequate speed, good maneuverability, ease of handling, and the absence of harmful exhaust gases make the electric truck an efficient means of transporting cargo. With automatic control that may include a linkup with a computer, some trucks move without an operator along a predetermined route that coincides with an electric conductor embedded in the road surface or a bright stripe painted on the surface. In industry, the term “electric cart” is often used instead of the term “electric truck” (elektrokar).


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Two of these milestones occurred the day before yesterday, when TransPower conducted a demonstration of four fully functional battery-electric Class 8 trucks, just hours after the California Energy Commission (CEC) announced its award of nearly $9 million to TransPower for new electric truck and tractor demonstration projects throughout the state of California.
said Friday it will start trial use of a small electric truck for parcel delivery services by Yamato Transport Co.
This allows the regular operation of the vehicle with our fuel cell range extender and significantly extends the operating range and on-board power of an electric truck.
The collaboration is aimed at producing a hybrid electric truck.
Di-Ven Ltd, which is stationed in the Danube town of Lom, and is one of the founding members of the Bulgarian Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster (EVIC), has unveiled its electric truck project at the machine building fair "Mach Tech Expo 2010" taking place May 26-28, 2010, at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia.
On an electric truck you would not have a drive shaft, engine, transmission, oil filters or fuel filters," says Cox.
The electric truck and its battery system, which will be produced and assembled in France, was unveiled today at Pollutec 2010 by PVI and its partner SITA, a subsidiary of Suez Environnement, alongside examples of Dow Kokam's battery system technology.
This is a concern in considering an electric truck due to charging time.
The hybrid electric truck will be propelled at low speeds by electric motors and at high speeds by a diesel engine.
Pete'' Knight's deputy chief of staff, tests the city's new electric truck.
12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Motiv Power Systems, the electric truck leader and top supplier of control systems to the growing electric truck market, is proud to announce that its electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS) has been awarded a 2014 Best of What's New Award in Green Technology from Popular Science.

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