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The local search of CCSS algorithm starts by measuring the electric force ([E.
The process of coiling PAN nanofibers around PET yarns can be interpreted as following: The electric force formed between the metal wire and nanofibers enabled the spinning wire to hold electrospun nanofibers and coil them continuously around the PET yarn.
This new application note form Digital Instruments, Veeco Metrology Group, discusses Electric Force Microscopy (EFM) and Surface Potential (SP)Imaging, two AFM techniques which characterize materials for electrical propeties.
This may be due to fact that at long spinning distance, the effect of visco-elastic forces is more significant than that of electric force.
Electric charge is another fundamental property of matter, which directly determines the electromagnetic interaction via Coulomb's law of electric force [8], which is generalized to the Lorentz force expression for moving charged particles.
while the static electric force between two charges e becomes
Many studies have investigated the effects of the solution and processing parameters of electrospinning (6-11) Electrospinning uses electric force, not mechanical force.
The Agilent MAC Mode III allows one-pass multi-channel detection for Kelvin force microscopy (KFM) and electric force microscopy (EFM).
The electric force as a driving force of the jet is relatively weakened with increasing TCD (see Fig.
The associated electromagnetic interaction, which is embodied in Maxwell's equations, is universally viewed as a unification of the electric force and the magnetic force.
When LiCl concentration or applied voltage increased, electric force acted on the jet increased.
Newton's law of gravity and Coulomb's law of electric force are classically unified into a single expression of the interaction between the complex energies of two electrically charged particles.