electric heating

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electric heating

[i¦lek·trik ′hēd·iŋ]
Any method of converting electric energy to heat energy by resisting the free flow of electric current.
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Electric heating

Methods of converting electric energy to heat energy by resisting the free flow of electric current. Electric heating has several advantages: it can be precisely controlled to allow a uniformity of temperature within very narrow limits; it is cleaner than other methods of heating because it does not involve any combustion; it is considered safe because it is protected from overloading by automatic breakers; it is quick to use and to adjust; and it is relatively quiet. For these reasons, electric heat is widely chosen for industrial, commercial, and residential use.

Resistance heaters produce heat by passing an electric current through a resistance—a coil, wire, or other obstacle which impedes current and causes it to give off heat. Heaters of this kind have an inherent efficiency of 100% in converting electric energy into heat. Devices such as electric ranges, ovens, hot-water heaters, sterilizers, stills, baths, furnaces, and space heaters are part of the long list of resistance heating equipment. See Resistance heating

Dielectric heaters use currents of high frequency which generate heat by dielectric hysteresis (loss) within the body of a nominally nonconducting material. These heaters are used to warm to a moderate temperature certain materials that have low thermal conducting properties; for example, to soften plastics, to dry textiles, and to work with other materials like rubber and wood. See Dielectric heating

Induction heaters produce heat by means of a periodically varying electromagnetic field within the body of a nominally conducting material. This method of heating is sometimes called eddy-current heating and is used to achieve temperatures below the melting point of metal. For instance, induction heating is used to temper steel, to heat metals for forging, to heat the metal elements inside glass bulbs, and to make glass-to-metal joints. See Induction heating

Electric-arc heating is really a form of resistance heating in which a bridge of vapor and gas carries an electric current between electrodes. The arc has the property of resistance. Electric-arc heating is used mainly to melt hard metals, alloys, and some ceramic metals. See Arc heating

Electricity is one choice for heating houses, but with only a 35% efficiency rate, electricity has been a less attractive option than the direct use of gas and oil for heating homes. Common electric heating systems in houses are central heating employing an electric furnace with forced air circulation; central heating employing an electric furnace with forced water circulation; central heating using radiant cables; electrical duct heaters; space (strip) heaters which use radiation and natural convection for heat transfer; and portable space heaters.

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