Electrical Conductivity

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electrical conductivity

[ə′lek·trə·kəl ‚kän‚dək′tiv·əd·ē]

Conductivity, Electrical


(or conductivity), a physical quantity equal to the electrical conductance of a cylindrical conductor of unit length and unit cross-sectional area. The relation between conductivity σ and resistivity ρ is given by the equation σ = 1/p. Conductivity is usually measured in units of mho/m or mho/cm. The mho, also called the Siemens, is equal to the reciprocal of the ohm.

electrical conductivity

A measure of the ability of a material to conduct electric current.
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The electrical conductivity of metallurgical slag is closely related to the optical basicity of slag [25], and it is meanful to study the influence of optical basicity of slag (except FeO) on electrical conductivity of [Fe.
These changes will affect in type and amount of milk mineral in pH, acidity and electrical conductivity of milk.
Values of pH, electrical conductivity and water content before electrokinetic tests
There was no significant effect on the interaction between the electrical conductivity and fertilization.
Improving dispersion of MWCNT the electrical conductivity of the nanocomposite increases as well as its behavior as microwave susceptor.
According to the natural fiber content increases beyond the percolation threshold value, then the electrical conductivity also increases.
Much research has been directed toward the quantification of the dielectric losses (K") and its influence on the determination of the dielectric constant (Ka) and the apparent electrical conductivity (ECa).
2,3) Now it is regarded as a practical geophysical means of exploring the interior of the Earth, because the electrical conductivity of the materials that compose the Earth is sensitive to physical and chemical conditions such as temperature, water content, oxygen fugacity, the presence of melts, and carbon content, all of which are useful in aspects of Earth science.
Electrical conductivity of the canal is another important issue.
Upon closing , Celanese will add to its engineered materials portfolio the products of Cool Polymers, including CoolPoly E-Series: thermally conductive polymers that combine thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity in standard pellet form; CoolPoly D-Series: thermally conductive polymers that combine thermal conductivity and electrical isolation in standard pellet form;CoolPoly Elastomers: thermally conductive elastomers for both electrically conductive and electrically insulative grades.
However, the addition of small amounts of sodium chloride (NaCl) to this liquid, can increase its electrical conductivity in a substantial way.

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