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24] reported that endogenous electrical potentials of wounds remained positive compared with surrounding intact skin throughout the healing process.
Tables 1 to 3 summarize some selected SEM images of electrospun products from methacrylate-based copolymer solutions to illustrate the effects of both the solution concentration and applied electrical potential on morphological appearance of the as-spun products.
The first primary aim is to determine adsorption and phase behaviour quantitatively as a function of surface charge, which will be controlled by varying applied electrical potential.
com/prnh/20130307/600769 Electrodes are devices that convert ionic potential into electrical potential which can be amplified to diagnose as well as treat several ailments and disorders.
They contain small metallic electrooculography (EOG) sensors in the bridge, nose pads and the bars that rest on the ears that measure the electrical potential in eye movements.
Basic chemistry says that the electrical potential contained in body water opposes gravity's ability to squish out precious cellular fluid.
Among specific topics are the dynamic testing of historic iron bridges at different levels of excitation, in-situ local strain measurement in textile composites with embedded optical fiber sensors, new opportunities for the ultrasonic characterization of stiffness anisotropy in composite materials, electrical resistance and electrical potential studies for detecting and monitoring damage in hybrid composites.
Pyro: Solvene can convert calorific energy into electrical energy, as temperature variation will change the dipole orientation and create a temporary electrical potential.
The permanent reference cells installed under the tank-bottom plate for the purpose of monitoring the electrical potential may deteriorate over time.
Since the composition of the friction pads is unknown it is not possible to determine the electrical potential of particles while flying out of the friction contact towards the housing walls.
5] Short stub: In a transmission line of arbitrary length, this refers to a transmission line in which one end is connected to the inside of a circuit, and the other end is connected to a power source or ground so that the electrical potential of a RF signal is always zero.

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