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Conductor, Electrical


a material that readily permits the passage of an electric current through it—that is, a material that has a high electrical conductivity, or low resistivity ρ. Good conductors are materials with ρ ≤ 10-6 ohm-cm. In contrast to conductors, insulators have high resistivities—from about 1014 to 1022 ohm-cm. Semiconductors occupy an intermediate position.

Electrical conductivity is determined by the concentration and mobility of the charge carriers. Conductors include metals, electrolytes, and plasmas. In metals, the charge carriers are quasi-free conduction electrons. In electrolytes, the current is produced by positive and negative ions. In a plasma, the current is carried by free electrons and positive and negative ions. At low temperatures, many metals and some semiconductors become superconductors.

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The hazards that were not identified or corrected as a result of the workplace examination failures included damaged ladders that were in use, openings in travelways that were not covered or otherwise protected, elevated work platforms without railings, and several exposed electrical conductors.
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Presumably the electrical conductors to his house are supported on poles, or laid underground, and no doubt he doesn't have any of those tall steel lattice pylons in his line of vision like many of us do.
Cohen Kadosh found that when he attached an anode to the area of the brain known as the left posterior parietal cortex and a cathode to the right side of the same region and applied the mild current, learning skills improved, while reversing the electrical conductors, the treatment didn't work.
SUB crews will start replacing all electrical conductors and 59 wooden power poles along the 115-kilovolt line this month, SUB General Manager Jeff Nelson said.
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Insulation failure may cause some of the electrical conductors inside Riata leads to move within or move entirely outside the outer lead insulation.
Electrical conductors such as wires are usually insulated.
FOR some bizarre reason I suddenly became aware that the walking poles that I was using were probably the most prominent lightning conductors within miles and in a moment of illogical wishful thinking I let go of them, leaving them to dangle from my wrists, believing that by dragging them along in this way without actually holding them I was in some way immune to their potential role as electrical conductors.
Similarly, the rise of organic electronics will underline the appeal of polymeric materials, which are electrical conductors or semiconductors that enable a wide range of devices, such as clothing with embedded electronics, e-paper and wallpaper that also provides lighting.
Henry Truskowski, 51, suffered severe burns after coming into contact with exposed live electrical conductors.

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