Electrostatic Discharge

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Electrostatic Discharge

(hardware, testing)
(ESD) One kind of test that hardware usually has to pass to prove it is suitable for sale and use. The hardware must still work after is has been subjected to some level of electrostatic discharge. Some organisations have their own ESD requirements which hardware must meet before it will be considered for purchase.

Different countries have different legal regulations about levels of ESD.

See also Radio Frequency Interference, Electromagnetic Compatibility.
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"What's the matter, Tom?" for he had been awakened, and heard the crackle of the electrical discharge.
We recognize that emotion is not enough, and that men and women are personalities capable of sustained relations, not mere opportunities for an electrical discharge. Yet we rate the impulse too highly.
At least two people lost their lives due to electrical discharges in the atmosphere in a suburban village of Diplo Tehsil, whereas, three camels were killed in Raryaro village of Chachro taluka.
A computer analyzes these electrical discharges and uses the information to calculate the motion and gripping force of the hand before initiating the same motion in a virtual or prosthetic hand.
A seizure is caused by abnormal electrical discharges in the brain, possibly due to a blood clot as in a stroke, or a high temperature as in convulsions in infants with a febrile illness.
According to the Russian geologists these unique diamonds are not formed in the magmatic melt but are created by volcanic gases under pressure and as a result of crystallization under the influence of electrical discharges of lightning," the report read.
EDM, by contrast, removes material via electrical discharges between two electrodes, with the metal to be shaped acting as one of the electrodes, known as the workpiece.
And in experiments exploring just what the eels' high-voltage discharges (up to 600 volts) do to prey physiology, Catania uncovered another spooky effect: Isolated electrical discharges that the eels occasionally release make nearby prey fish twitch involuntarily, giving away their hiding places.
Among the topics are phase transformation in titanium nanoparticles from first principles, the influence of preliminary plasma processing on luminescent properties of porous silicon, tungsten carbide decarburization by electrical discharges, and the high anionic conductivity of solids with different structure.
The method applied, next to the refractive and interference method or method of streak photograph is a typical optical method commonly used for observation of the spatio-temporal development of electrical discharges in liquids [2-5, 8-20].
The instruments are sensitive enough to detect magnetic pulses from electrical discharges up to 10 miles (16 kilometers) away, which could give people enough time to get to safety before a quake strikes.

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