Electrical engineer

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electrical engineer

[i′lek·trə·kəl ‚en·jə′nir]
An engineer whose training includes a degree in electrical engineering from an accredited college or university (or who has comparable knowledge and experience), to prepare him or her for dealing with the generation, transmission, and utilization of electric energy.

Electrical engineer

An engineering discipline that deals with the study and/or application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism and covers a range of substudies including those that deal with power, electronics, control systems, signal processing, and telecommunications.
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Kopniaiev began to systematize his own teaching aids for the comprehensive training of electrical engineers.
The first issue of electrical engineers of the Kharkiv Electrical Engineering Institute
These revisions are aimed at further strengthening the profession and enable electrical engineers to tackle and cope with these challenges," said Padilla.
Many industries including telecommunications, biomedical engineering, power generation, power plants, power transmission and distribution, power transformers, electrical machines, watercrafts and locomotives, manufacturing and electrical systems of high rise buildings require the employment of electrical engineers," he said.
On the other hand, existing Master Electricians shall be given a two-year period to enroll and complete the required modules on major subjects in Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering to qualify and be registered as licensed electrical engineers according to him.

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