electrical tape

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electrical tape

[i′lek·trə·kəl ‚tāp]
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friction tape

A fibrous tape which is impregnated with a sticky moisture-resistant compound; used in electric wiring as a protective covering for insulation.
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While multiple employees confirmed that they used electrical tape to patch cracks - and even provided photographic evidence to CNBC's reporters - Tesla denies that that's how things are done at its factories.
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Step 7: Use the electrical tape to connect the 3-inch wires onto the positive side of both batteries.
F, Tube covered with black electrical tape. G, Smartphone mounted over the eye piece.
Having bought a new pocket saw, I have now covered the handle in bright yellow electrical tape so it stands out in the vegetation.
I make marks on a straight stick with a logging crayon every 16 inches, using electrical tape as a guide.
Electrical tape can make all kinds of commo repairs.
While the cord may appear to work fine and electrical tape covers the exposed wiring inside, consider replacing the charging cable as soon as possible.
* Use electrical tape to attach the other ends of the wire to the positive and negative ends of the battery.
Several of Davidovich's works involve the methodical obscuration of a television monitor with electrical tape; in some sense, the use of television as canvas and object of the gaze renders it anthropomorphic.
I tried everything from trifocals, progressive lenses, Merit discs and electrical tape with a pinhole cut in it, aperture sights and other weird ideas.

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