Electrical Conductivity

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electrical conductivity

[ə′lek·trə·kəl ‚kän‚dək′tiv·əd·ē]

Conductivity, Electrical


(or conductivity), a physical quantity equal to the electrical conductance of a cylindrical conductor of unit length and unit cross-sectional area. The relation between conductivity σ and resistivity ρ is given by the equation σ = 1/p. Conductivity is usually measured in units of mho/m or mho/cm. The mho, also called the Siemens, is equal to the reciprocal of the ohm.

electrical conductivity

A measure of the ability of a material to conduct electric current.
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Seeking to provide a superior solution with both performance and process efficiency advantages, Intertronics and manufacturers Polytec PT have introduced the PU 1000 formulation, an electrically conductive, polyurethane-based adhesive which can be considered as a very interesting alternative to epoxy-based adhesives in various applications.
The more nanotubes in the cloth, the more electrically conductive the cloth is.
The BATCHCONTROL electromagnetic flowmeter is ideal for the batching and dosing of electrically conductive liquids and pastes in the pharmaceutical industry as it features an integrated control module and CAN open based network communication.
Using this technology, both electrically conductive and non-conductive substrates in a variety of shapes and sizes can be coated homogeneously.
Now scientists think they may have found some promising leads: solders made of alternative alloys and polymer formulations known as electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs).
The Sylon[R] electrically conductive adhesive solders from Devcon can be used to form conductive paths in applications where hot soldering would be ineffective or impractical.
The filaments consist of crystalline polypropylene homopolymer that has a melting point of about 168[degrees]C or a crystalline polypropylene homopolymer with at least one additive that is a pigment, process aid, flame retardant, heat stabilizer, light stabilizer, antimicrobial agent, electrically conductive material, antistatic agent or stain resisting agent.
The 2-component, nickel-filled EP76M epoxy adhesive is room temperature curing and electrically conductive.
The major problem with characterizing electrically conductive polymer films is that they have high light absorbance, while current characterization methods rely on high transmittance.
The crystal that was imaged is an organic, electrically conductive crystal called (TEET) [[Ni[(dmit).
Americans Alan Heeger and Alan MacDiarmid and Hideki Shirakawa, of Japan, won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their discoveries that plastic can be made electrically conductive.
The product is specifically designed for use in crossovers with many electrically conductive inks.

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