Electric distribution systems

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Electric distribution systems

Systems that comprise those parts of an electric power system between the subtransmission system and the consumers' service switches. It includes distribution substations; primary distribution feeders; distribution transformers; secondary circuits, including the services to the consumer; and appropriate protective and control devices. Sometimes, the subtransmission system is also included in the definition.

The subtransmission circuits of a typical distribution system (see illustration) deliver electric power from bulk power sources to the distribution substations. The subtransmission voltage is usually between 34.5 and 138 kV. The distribution substation, which is made up of power transformers together with the necessary voltage-regulating apparatus, bus-bars, and switchgear, reduces the subtransmission voltage to a lower primary system voltage for local distribution. The three-phase primary feeder, which usually operates at voltages from 4.16 to 34.5 kV, distributes electric power from the low-voltage bus of the substation to its load center, where it branches into three-phase subfeeders and three-phase and occasionally single-phase laterals. Most of the three-phase distribution system lines consist of three-phase conductors and a common or neutral conductor, making a total of four wires. Single-phase branches (made up of two wires) supplied from the three-phase mains provide power to residences, small stores, and farms. Loads are connected in parallel to common power-supply circuits. See Alternating current, Electric power transmission

Overview of the power system from generation to consumer's switchenlarge picture
Overview of the power system from generation to consumer's switch
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This program s primary component will finance works in Ecuador s National Electricity Distribution System (SND), to address Ecuador s projected electricity demand, throughout the strengthening of sub transmission lines and the distribution network.
Enersis is the largest private electricity distribution group in Latin America.
CGE operates in the liquefied gas and natural gas distribution business, as well as natural gas and electricity distribution in Argentina.
In addition to Emel, PP&L Global's diversified investments include SWEB, an electricity distribution company in the United Kingdom with 1.
Responding to questions about privatization in electricity distribution sector, Aksu said there were 21 electricity distribution regions in Turkey, adding that one of them was Kayseri and its vicinity Electricity Turkish Incorporated Company (KCETAS) and private sector operated it for long years.
The Akdeniz, Istanbul Anadolu side and Toroslar Electricity Distribution regions will be privatized via block sale method.
BANGOR, Maine -- Bangor Hydro-Electric Company has reduced rates for electricity distribution service for the fourth year in a row.
Located in the north of the North Island of New Zealand, Northpower Ltd owns and manages an electricity distribution network and an extensive contracting business.
Yildiz told reporters about Monday's tender for the sale of 100 percent shares of the Turkish Electricity Distribution Corporation (TEDAS) in its affiliate Bogazici Electricity Distribution Co.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Door to Door Meter reading, Generating & Serving Bill & Collecting Payment through Cheque at site through Hand Held Spot Billing Machines of Consumers under Electricity Distribution Division Faizabad, Ambedkar Nagar, Tanda, Gonda, Bahraich, Balrampur, Gauriganj-II (Amethi, & Jayas Town), Gauriganj-I (Gauriganj) Barabanki (Barabanki & Deva town) Fatehpur (Ramnagar & Fatehpur town) and Electricity Distribution Division-I Sultanpur.

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