Electric Fence

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electric fence

[i¦lek·trik ′fens]
A fence consisting of one or more lengths of wire energized with high-voltage, low-current pulses, and giving a warning shock when touched.

Electric Fence


a length of thin, steel wire strung between fence posts and periodically energized with short, low-power electric pulses. An electric fence is used to enclose plots on which livestock are pastured in rotation grazing. An animal that touches the wire completes the electric circuit and receives a brief shock. Animals quickly develop a fear of the wire. Storage batteries with a voltage of 6 volts or less serve as the power source for an electric fence. The wire is strung 40 to 80 cm above the ground, depending on the type of livestock that are grazing.

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Unlike the Jambos, though, at least the Arabs didn't treat the halfway line like a 40,000- volt electrified fence.
She escaped through a gate in the eight-foot high electrified fence and was picked up by a passing motorist.
Now a mile-long, 20-ft high electrified fence has gone up, ringing the sensitive "fuel areas" at the Caithness reprocessing plant, which employs 1600 staff.
THE Queen now has a big shock for any more intruders - an electrified fence around Buckingham Palace.
You could thrill to the sight of armed police, gasp at a huge electrified fence alleged to be "one of the best in the country" and watch the security dogs prowl.
THE British Queen now has a big shock for any more intruders - an electrified fence around Buckingham Palace.
They embarked on their dangerous and apparently futile mission in the mid-1980s, at about the time the Chelsea chairman put up an electrified fence at Stamford Bridge, and haven't been seen since.
SUPERMARKET thieves are in for a major shock - from an electrified fence.
Amy's child-minder was hurt in a low-speed car crash, after which the toddler wandered off towards a field with an electrified fence around it.
THIS is the world's longest electrified fence along the most deadly border.
This is India's fabrication even as it boasts that it has erected a 550-kilometre long electrified fence connected to motion sensors, thermal imaging and lighting.