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The effects electricity has on optical materials such as a change in refraction or birefringence. The term was coined before "optoelectronic," but both terms are often used synonymously. See refraction, birefringent, photonics, optoelectronic and integrated optics.


Those electronics that use visible or near visible light (e.g., infrared) for guidance or sensing.
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[5] Electro-optic coefficient: A coefficient that expresses the level of change incurred in a refractive index when voltage is applied.
These devices have an electro-optic coefficient of 10 pm/V, with a goal of 20 to 30 pm/V needed for production, he adds.
Peyghambarian, "Hybrid polymersol-gel waveguide modulators with exceptionally large electro-optic coefficients," Nat.

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