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see platingplating,
application of a plate, or coat, of metal to a surface for decoration, reflection of light, protection against corrosion, or increased wearing quality. The practice is of ancient origin: gilding was developed early; the Romans soldered silver plates to articles of baser
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Electrodeposition of a metal or alloy from a suitable electrolyte solution; the article to be plated is connected as the cathode in the electrolyte solution; direct current is introduced through the anode which consists of the metal to be deposited.
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Electro-Plating Services had been in business since 1967 but was ordered to cease operations in December by state inspectors from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.
During the great nickel shortage of the late 1960s, the enterprising Barry Riley developed a lucrative service buying excess nickel stock from the Pianoforte surface finishing company and delivering it by flatbed Ford Transit to the many small independent electro-plating companies that were around at that time.
Country: , MalaysiaSector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: Power Steel and Electro-Plating Works Sdn Bhd (PSEP)Buyer: Trifast plcVendor: Foo Poh WaDeal size in USD: 23.
In the electronic area, new electrochemical applications, including printed wire boards, battery components, electro-plating on plastics and electroplateable resins, are being pursued.
including electro-magnets; permanent magnets; electro-magnetic couplings; clutches and brakes; electro-magnetic lifting heads; electrical particle accelerators; electrical signal generators; and apparatus for electro-plating, electrolysis or electrophoresis); electrical capacitors; electrical resistors (except heating resistors); diodes, transistors and similar semi-conductor devices; photosensitive semi-conductor devices; light emitting diodes; mounted piezo-electric crystals; parts for the goods of subclass 47110; parts for the goods of subclass 47120; printed circuits.
Her house sits across the street from where an electro-plating factory once stood.
When my father started this business in the mid-1960s, the metal finishing industry was dominated by traditional electro-plating or 'wet finishing' sub-contract companies and processes, serving the buoyant manufacturing and engineering industries of that time.
Other capital equipment includes powder-coating, electro-plating and plastic-injection machines.
16 November 2011 - British industrial fastenings maker Trifast plc (LON:TRI) said Wednesday it had agreed to fully acquire Malaysian sector player Power Steel and Electro-plating Works Sdn Bhd (PSEP) for MYR73.
Instead we have focused our efforts on retaining and securing new work through zinc electro-plating and our e-coating arm of the business - this helped us withstand the recession and emerge with our order book intact.
The Midland electro-plating industry is suffering at the hands of Euro legislators, who appear to have little understanding of the chaos they are currently causing to this sector.
Elkington's electro plating factory in the Jewellery Quarter was where electro-plating first began.

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