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A technology for forming highly crystalline films by spraying electroceramic particles through a nozzle onto a substrate.
2] [TM]" - electroceramic coating applied to the first aluminum layer.
Bonderite magnesium coating: Henkel has developed a protective electroceramic coating for magnesium that can be used, for example, to coat light metals in mobile devices.
Sheffield) outlined critical issues related to the local structure of perovskite-type materials--primary candidates for many electroceramic applications ranging from medical ultrasound to data storage to wireless communications--and showed how Raman spectroscopy can be used to probe structural details in these materials.
Henkel Corporation has developed Alodine[R] EC2[TM] ElectroCeramic Coating, a new multifunctional base coating designed to provide chemical, corrosion, temperature, and abrasion resistance for light metals that are exposed to harsh operating conditions.
These advanced electroceramic materials feature high relative permittivity, high Q and good temperature stability and are used for dielectric resonators in various microwave applications.
Ionotec, Runcorn, Cheshire Manufacturing: electroceramic materials and devices.
We are developing a family of electroceramic components, which sense pressure or chemical changes in the environment and then make a motion, change color or exude a chemical," Newnham told SCIENCE NEWS.
The materials within cover ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics, and pyroelectrics; thermoelectrics; ionic and electronic conductors and applications to solid oxide fuel cells and membrane technology; magnetic and superconducting ceramics; materials for fuel cells; electroceramic devices, sensors, and actuators; solar photovoltaic and photo-electrochemical cells; photonic and elecro-optical ceramics; magneto-electric coupling and multiferroics; and modeling and simulation.
For light metal substrates, Henkel Corporation has developed a multifunctional base coating, Alodine EC2 ElectroCeramic Coating, designed to provide chemical, corrosion, temperature and abrasion resistance while reducing parts processing costs.
com/research/06dccb/advances_in_electr) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Advances in Electroceramic Materials II: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 221" to their offering.