electroless plating

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electroless plating

Deposition of a metal coating by immersion of a metal or nonmetal in a suitable bath containing a chemical reducing agent.

Electroless plating

A chemical reduction process which, once initiated, is autocatalytic. The process is similar to electroplating except that no outside current is needed. The metal ions are reduced by chemical agents in the plating solutions, and deposit on the substrate. An advantage of electroless plating with current is the more uniform thickness of the surface coating.

Electroless plating is used for coating nonmetallic parts. Decorative electroless plates are usually further coated with electrodeposited nickel and chromium. There are also applications for electroless deposits on metallic substrates, especially when irregularly shaped objects require a uniform coating. Electroless copper is used extensively for printed circuits, which are produced either by coating the nonmetallic substrate with a very thin layer of electroless copper and electroplating to the desired thickness or by using the electroless process only. Electroless iron and cobalt have limited uses. Electroless gold is used for microcircuits and connections to solid-state components. Deeply recessed areas which are difficult to plate can be coated by the electroless process. See Electroplating of metals

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EEJA plans to begin sample shipments of the photosensitive primer, colloid catalysts, and electroless plating solution used with this technology by end of this year.
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This means that the complicated three-dimensional shape of the actuator can be fabricated while the current fabrication method can only provide a two-dimensional shape, like the strip-type, because the IPMC actuator is usually cut into the strip-type after the electroless plating of electrodes.
The electroless plating reaction not only yields a nickel alloy deposit, it also generates by-products, which accumulate in the solution.
Electroless plating is a chemical process that catalytically reduces metal ions in an aqueous solution and deposits that metal on a substrate without the use of electrical energy.
Table 1: Composition of electroless plating baths for depositing CoNiP coating (mol/L) Bath [Ni.
For example, where the wires cross and are touching, overcoating the polymer wires by sputtering or electroless plating, followed by removal of the polymer (by solvents or themal decomposition) would leave a network of interconnected capillaries.
It eliminates the storage and handling of flammable materials required with traditional painting and electroless plating methods.
Electroless plating is often used for EMI shielding--a conductive copper base layer is first formed, and a nickel layer is added as a topcoat to resist abrasion and corrosion.
Any exposed conductor is NiAu plated using either an electrolytic or electroless plating process.
Abstract In this work, Cu-P-SiC composite coatings were deposited via electroless plating with the addition of sodium hypophoshite (Na[H.