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Between the electrolyzed water and the PROSAN, they were equally as effective except for cleaning ceramic plates, where the electrolyzed water was slightly more effective," said Pascall.
Another piece of plastic that had started out equally germy but then was dunked in acidic electrolyzed water carried only 100 cells.
Hung plans to test electrolyzed water on chicken to see if it kills Salmonella and Campylobacter on poultry carcasses.
SANYO) a leading provider of environment and energy related products and services, announced today that its proprietary electrolyzed water technology effectively suppresses avian influenza viruses.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 28, 2006 - (JCN) - SANYO Electric today announced the launch of an electrolyzed water air purification series designed to remove airborne viruses and allergens with electrolyzed water in spaces of all size.
This is an example of less inhibitor production with electrolyzed water compared with the traditional method," he added.
To this end, the company introduced the first use of electrolyzed water designed to make the toilet bowl easier to clean.
Bucking the trend, value and volume leader Sanyo Electric gained 8 yen, or over 3 percent, to 265 yen after saying earlier this week that its electrolyzed water technology has been proven effective in reducing the infectiousness of the rapidly spreading new influenza strain.
The electrolyzed water technology utilized in the air purification system installed at the Criterion 6 theater is an example of how our products are being utilized in public places, such as movie theatre environments, to provide cleaner and safer air for those who convene in those spaces.
The Bawell water ionizer manufacturing company has a strong commitment to raise public awareness on the health benefits of electrolyzed water which their alkaline water machines produce.
The equipment needed to produce and treat food with electrolyzed water is already produced by several companies in Japan.
through the efforts of its engineering department, has successfully obtained the UL[R] ANSI/NSF Standard 61 (Drinking Water System Components) Classification and UL 979 (Standard for Water Treatment Appliances) Listing for electrical safety relative to its EcaFlo[R]-brand electrolyzed water generators.