Electromagnetic Clutch

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electromagnetic clutch

[i¦lek·trō·mag′ned·ik ′kləch]
(mechanical engineering)
A clutch based on magnetic coupling between conductors, such as a magnetic fluid and powder clutch, an eddy-current clutch, or a hysteresis clutch.
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Electromagnetic Clutch


an electromagnetic device for the connection and disconnection of two coaxial shafts or of a shaft and a loosely fitting part, such as a gear or a pulley. Electromagnetic clutches provide for remote control and easy automation. They are used in, for example, metalcutting machine tools and diesel locomotives.

The following types of electromagnetic clutches are distinguished: electromagnetically activated friction clutches, electro-magnetically activated positive clutches, magnetic fluid and powder clutches, hysteresis clutches, and eddy-current clutches (seeCOUPLING).

Electromagnetically activated friction clutches are usually disk clutches; less often, they may be cone clutches. Electromagnetically activated positive clutches have small teeth that are usually located on the mating faces. In magnetic fluid and powder clutches, a space in the magnetic coupling system between the driving and driven clutch members is filled with a powder or liquid mixture that contains a ferromagnetic powder. Under the influence of a magnetic field, the viscosity of the mixture increases, thereby coupling the clutch members.

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But when any slip is detected on the front wheels or the car is being driven enthusiastically an electromagnetic clutch located on the rear axle engages drive to the rear wheels to improve traction.
The TM does not state or show the driveshaft's U-joint located at the PTO's electromagnetic clutch side, so this is often missed.
Because the rotors have a low inertia design, less resistance and a lower torque, drag is produced and engagement/ disengagement is provided by an electromagnetic clutch. This, Ogura said, prevents energy loss through parasitic drag and extends the life of the supercharger.
The power train includes an air-cooled 6-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine that develops 162 horsepower at 2,500 rpm, electromagnetic clutch, and 5-speed transmission with reverse and planetary reduction final drive to the 4-inch hex chuck.
Also, an electromagnetic clutch allows detachment of the measurement heads with the push of a button for fast access to the measurement gap for cleaning and removal of paper rests.
The power train includes an air-cooled six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that develops 162 hp, electromagnetic clutch, five-speed transmission (with reverse) and planetary reduction final drive to the 4-inch hex chuck.
...[W]hen no slippage is detected and when the vehicle has reached a constant speed, the e-4WD system disengages the electromagnetic clutch on the rear wheel drive unit and only powers the front wheels."
The air conditioning compressor can be reduced in size because it won't require an electromagnetic clutch to engage power from a perpetually rotating front pulley.
Inside the diff, the hypoid ring-and-pinion gear is connected to the left and right half shafts via an electromagnetic clutch on each side.
Remanufactured Harris NP 848 inserter with NC-148 ARS unit at the Citizens' Voice, Wilkes-Barre, Pa; factory-reconditioned Harris NP 1472 inserter with NC-372 ARS and Valley's new HL 500 hopper feed loader for the Hattiesburg (Miss.) American; remanufactured Harris NP 1372 inserter with Valley's Insert Management System, two HL 500s, electromagnetic clutch assemblies and lowering package at the Daily Camera, Boulder, Colo.; remanufactured Harris NP 848 inserter with NC-148 ARS, three reconditioned NP 212 hopper feed loaders and Valley heavy-duty belt stream conveyor from folder to dock at the Holland (Mich.) Sentinel; remanufactured Harris NP 848 with IMS and heavy-duty belt stream conveyor for the Montgomery Advertiser, Ft.
When torque is required, the engine management system cues the electromagnetic clutch to pick up the low inertia supercharger, producing a burst of power on demand.

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