Electromagnetic Compatibility

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electromagnetic compatibility

[i¦lek·trō·mag′ned·ik kəm‚pat·ə′bil·əd·ē]
The capability of electronic equipment or systems to be operated in the intended electromagnetic environment at design levels of efficiency.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

(hardware, testing)
(EMC) The extent to which a piece of hardware will tolerate electrical interference from other equipment, and will interfere with other equipment.

There are strict legal EMC requirements for the sale of any electrical or electronic hardware in most countries, although the actual standards differ. See, for example, EMCNet.

See also Electrostatic Discharge, Radio Frequency Interference.
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Asia Pacific is the largest region in the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Shielding Market with high production and supply of EMC products as per IndustryARC analytics.
The Porter's five forces framework has been applied for the analysis of the electromagnetic compatibility shielding and test equipment market.
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To reduce testing costs on newly designed cockpit instruments, Blanc's group now simulates electromagnetic compatibility.
A NIST scientist successfully led the efforts to procure, prepare, install, and validate an electromagnetic compatibility testing facility for immunity measurements of digital load cells.
The licence means that Samsung can now perform quality standard tests in-house, covering such categories as safety standards, electromagnetic compatibility and GSM telecomms standards, for certification of GSM handsets.
Functionally, the system's central processor identifies detected threats, maintains electromagnetic compatibility within the suite and manages a federated countermeasures-dispensing system (CMDS).
They were shown best practice demonstrations in the enforcement of electromagnetic compatibility in action by Triton staff and trading standards officers.
Contract award notice: Supply - Single-phase power analyzer for Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory and Power Systems (Laboratory of Industrial Electronics and Electromagnetic Compatibility) as part of the task.
Meeting IEC 60601-1-2 fourth edition electromagnetic compatibility requirements, these models are also approved to MMI ES/CSA C22.

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