Electromagnetic Compatibility

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electromagnetic compatibility

[i¦lek·trō·mag′ned·ik kəm‚pat·ə′bil·əd·ē]
The capability of electronic equipment or systems to be operated in the intended electromagnetic environment at design levels of efficiency.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

(hardware, testing)
(EMC) The extent to which a piece of hardware will tolerate electrical interference from other equipment, and will interfere with other equipment.

There are strict legal EMC requirements for the sale of any electrical or electronic hardware in most countries, although the actual standards differ. See, for example, EMCNet.

See also Electrostatic Discharge, Radio Frequency Interference.
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TechNavio's report, the Global Electromagnetic Compatibility Shielding Market 2011-2015, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
Grant said the resource manual, containing articles and information on recent research activities in the area of electromagnetic compatibility in healthcare, is formatted so administrators, medical professionals, biomedical engineers and hospital personnel can easily identify and access the sections most pertinent to their job function.
Increasing numbers of electronic devices and their interaction signifies that suitable electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is more crucial today than ever before.
The primer is expanded from the material Toh taught in a course to help electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) engineers be less dependent upon empirical data when solving puzzling electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems.
Afterwards the cable is fixed in the gland with the cap nut, and the contact system automatically lies on the shield thus ensuring electromagnetic compatibility.
The new generation of frigate, which is about to be put into service on a large scale, features good stealth performance and electromagnetic compatibility, according to a report released Tuesday by the official PLA Daily.
Because it is a passive infrared system, the DDM NG has no electromagnetic compatibility issues with other sensors and can therefore be easily integrated into all aircraft platforms.
The fourth edition of this basic electronics textbook has been revised to include new information on electrical circuits and components, frequency characteristics of AC circuits, transient behavior, internal circuitry of operational amplifiers and the treatment of noise and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
The Gast Group has produced a new European full-line overview brochure for its range of air compressors and vacuum pumps, all of which comply with the European Community's Machinery, Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives.
and processes utilized in electromagnetic compatibility (`EMC') and Radio
Kohlschmidt points out that there are electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and software complexity in integrating it into vehicles.
The company is said to offer a wide range of testing services, including environmental simulation, electromagnetic compatibility, failure analysis, mechanical, reliability/durability, thermal, UL, vibration and shock, chemical analysis, consulting, training and more.

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