electron paramagnetic resonance

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electron paramagnetic resonance:

see magnetic resonancemagnetic resonance,
in physics and chemistry, phenomenon produced by simultaneously applying a steady magnetic field and electromagnetic radiation (usually radio waves) to a sample of atoms and then adjusting the frequency of the radiation and the strength of the magnetic field
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electron paramagnetic resonance

[i′lek‚trän ¦par·ə·mag¦ned·ik ′rez·ən·əns]
Magnetic resonance arising from the magnetic moment of unpaired electrons in a paramagnetic substance or in a paramagnetic center in a diamagnetic substance. Abbreviated EPR. Also known as electron spin resonance (ESR); paramagnetic resonance.
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In this book, novel results obtained by physicochemical methods, especially electron spin resonance spectroscopy, are considered for various polymers.
Scientists will use electron spin resonance spectroscopy to study the effect of processing conditions and improvers on soluble protein mobility in situ in doughs.

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