Electronic Data Processing

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electronic data processing

[i‚lek′trän·ik ′dad·ə ‚prä·səs·iŋ]
(computer science)
Processing data by using equipment that is predominantly electronic in nature, such as an electronic digital computer. Abbreviated EDP.

Electronic Data Processing

(EDP) data processing by electronic machines, i.e. computers.
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Equally enlightening are programs sponsored by other professional organizations, such as the Electronic Data Processing Auditors Foundation, the Data-Tech Institute, the American Management Association and the Institute of Management Consultants.
Electronic data processing experts or others could seek the opportunity to attest to the reliability of alternative information sources.
E3 Platform Streamlines Electronic Data Processing and Offers Clients More Speed, Flexibility and E-Discovery Cost Savings
A wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina, CIMR offers award-winning technology solutions that plug customers into the nation's largest healthcare electronic data processing center.
This work has been revised and expanded with new sections on planning the electronic data processing audit and dealing with systems under development.
Other firsts include the first policy covering electronic data processing liability in 1961, the first policy to protect individuals using personal computers for online banking in 1997, and the first insurance company to offer consumers protection against identity fraud in 1999.
Falkow has been employed by First Financial since 1993 as Electronic Data Processing Coordinator.
Independence is currently in the final stage of an electronic data processing conversion ("EDP Conversion").
Northrop Grumman Interconnect Technologies, a unit of Northrop Grumman's Electronic Systems sector, is a world-leading supplier of high-performance daughtercards, midplane and backplane solutions to major blue-chip customers in markets as diverse as network and wireless infrastructure, defense, and electronic data processing.
manufactures component devices for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) worldwide of electronic data processing equipment, instruments, voice and data communications equipment, automobiles and consumer electronics products.
Increased Electronic Data Processing Capability - ClarVergence's data processing has been increased by 150% in order to meet client needs and improve overall performance.
Litton Interconnect Technologies assembly business is a world-leading supplier of high-performance backplane interconnect solutions to major blue-chip customers in markets as diverse as network, wireline and wireless infrastructure, defense and electronic data processing.

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