Electronic Data Processing

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electronic data processing

[i‚lek′trän·ik ′dad·ə ‚prä·səs·iŋ]
(computer science)
Processing data by using equipment that is predominantly electronic in nature, such as an electronic digital computer. Abbreviated EDP.

Electronic Data Processing

(EDP) data processing by electronic machines, i.e. computers.
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Most electronic data processing coverage forms that provide business income do not contain such a limitation, but it is not always appropriate or desirable to segregate the coverage for your data processing exposures.
Taiwan Electronic Data Processing Corporation ("TEDPC"), a group of Systex Corporation, is a leading medical software developer, providing healthcare information and medical imaging solutions in Taiwan.
The services are divided into work packages as follows: - preparation of the evaluation infrastructure: preparation of the necessary tools and interfaces for the electronic data processing.
The growth was attributed to the healthy performances of several key sectors, namely, big data analytics, electronic data processing and automotive electronics.
Additionally, many stand-alone and networked microcomputers within organizations now perform varied and important electronic data processing operations.
A tax auditor's responsibility is to examine the tax accrual and reporting system, procedures and methodology, not necessarily to audit the electronic data processing (EDP)/EDI systems.
Input and output devices such as printers that are attached to general purpose electronic data processing equipment will qualify.
As if electronic data processing (EDP) isn't complex enough, an increasing number of organizations transmit data electronically to and from their various offices, customers and suppliers.
Tenders are invited for Selection of Data Collection Agency for Field Work for Evaluation of Electronic Data Processing (Electronic Data Processing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Electro-Static Discharge Protections and Message Driven Processing ) for the Micro Small Medium Enterprise DIs.
Fagan and Best has an account with an independent electronic data processing service bureau that provides the firm's clients with a discount on data processing fees.
I am sure that TEI's Electronic Data Processing Committee and those TEI members who are in the front line of computer operation will keep members informed of developments in the area.
Celerity provides these clients with a variety of services in areas such as litigation preparedness, discovery management, electronic data processing, claims resolution, and general information management in both regulatory and non-regulatory environments.

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