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a river in Krasnoiarsk Krai, RSFSR. The Eia falls into the Eia Estuary in the Taganrog Bay on the Sea of Azov. Length, 311 km; basin area, 8,650 sq km. The Eia flows in a broad valley through the Kubano-Priazovskaia (Prikubanskaia) Lowland. It flows mainly when the snow is thawing; it dries up in summer. In its lower reaches the valley is marsh-ridden. The water in the river is salty. The average annual water discharge is approximately 2.5 cu m per sec (at Kuschevskaia stanitsa [large cossack village]). The Eia’s tributaries are the Sosyka on the left and the Kugoeia on the right.

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(Electronic Industries Alliance, Arlington, VA, www.ecaus.org/eia/site) A membership organization founded in 1924 as the Radio Manufacturing Association. It sets standards for consumer products and electronic components. In 1988, it spun off its Information & Telecommunications Technology Group into a separate organization known as the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). See JEDEC, TIA and consumer electronics.
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McCloskey is president, Electronic Industries Association, Arlington, VA.
Write: Electronic Industries Association, Consumer Electronics Group, 2001 pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006-1813.
The conventions are sponsored by the Electronic Industries Association (202) 457-8770.
Through the foundation' s relationship with our parent organization, the Electronic Industries Association (EIA), we are linked to electronic companies throughout the United States that provide a unique entree into the local business community.
Other association members of the coalition include the American Electronics Association, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association, the Electronic Industries Association, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Semiconductor Industries Association, and Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International.
The Electronic Industries Association made its predictions in a presentation of its 10-year forecast for 1990 to 1999 on the defense electronics market, based on its assessment of the US Department of Defense budgets.
The Electronic Industries Association (EIA) has filed its recommendation for a stereo TV broadcasting standard with the FCC.
An opening day highlight of the fair is this evening's award presentation of the 2015 HKEIA Award organised by The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Ltd.
According to the Electronic Industries Association of Japan, domestic shipments of liquid crystal TVs totaled some 440,000 units in 1998, accounting for 4% of total TV shipments.
Despite the expected downturn of the US defense budget in the next decade, the good news for the electronics industry is that the electronic content of weapon systems will grow, according to the Electronic Industries Association's (EIA's) "Ten-Year Forecast of Defense, NASA and Related Electronic Opportunities (1997-2006)," which was presented recently by EIA spokespersons at a conference in Washington, DC.
McCloskey, CAE President, Electronic Industries Association, Arlington, Virginia

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