Electronic Performance Support System

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Electronic Performance Support System

(EPSS) A system that provides electronic task guidance and support to the user at the moment of need. EPSS can provide application help, reference information, guided instructions and/or tutorials, subject matter expert advice and hints on how to perform a task more efficiently. An EPSS can combine various technologies to present the desired information. The information can be in the form of text, graphical displays, sound, and video presentations.

["Electronic Performance Support Systems: How and Why to Remake the Workplace Through the Strategic Application of Technology", Gloria Gerry, Weingarten Press].
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(Electronic Performance Support System) A computer system that provides quick assistance and information without requiring prior training to use it. It may incorporate all forms of multimedia delivery as well as AI techniques such as expert systems and natural language recognition.
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EPSSs first emerged in the field of training in the early 1990s and were popularized through Gloria Gery's seminal work, Electronic performance support systems (1991).
Electronic performance support systems. Boston, MA: Weingarten Publications.
New independent research released today by e-learning and advanced content solutions provider IMC (UK) Learning Ltd reveals that over half of UK organisations are relying on user manuals (62%) and ad hoc training by colleagues (57%) to train employees in new or upgraded software applications, rather than utilising timesaving, intuitive software such as electronic performance support systems (EPSS).
Assistware is a software toolkit used to develop and deploy electronic performance support systems for single or multiple applications.
One of the responses to these challenges is the development of a relatively new type of software called Electronic Performance Support Systems, a term that is widely used but has no generally agreed-upon definition.
For example, an Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) Institute has been organized to build electronic performance support systems (including embedded training, computer-based training, online help and electronic information retrieval) to meet training needs as the Service makes significant investments in upgrading hardware and software.
Much like electronic performance support systems popular in corporate learning environments, ATLAS Plus is a modular application developed with Authorware Professional, an authoring system from Authorware, Inc.
The concept of Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) is containing multimedia or computer based instruction components that improves human performance by providing process simplification, performance information and decision support system.
Specifically, it explores three key design strategies that underlie the development of electronic performance support systems: minimalism, performance-centered design, and user-centered design.

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