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(1) (Entertainment PC) See HTPC.

(2) (Electronic Product Code) A standard code for RFID tags administered by GS1 and GS1 US (www.gs1.org). The EPC ranges from 64 to 256 bits and contains, at minimum, the product number, serial number, company ID and EPC version.

A Unique EPC for Everything
Unlike UPC barcodes, which do not have serial numbers, the EPC enables tracking of each physical item for everything we can conceivably ever make. A 96-bit EPC can uniquely identify 16 million products in each of 268 million companies, and each product can have 68 billion serial numbers. See Gen 2 and RFID. Contrast with UPC.
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EPCglobal Inc supports the global adoption of the Electronic Product Code as a global standard to enable accurate information and visibility about products in the supply chain.
AmerisourceBergen has been a leader in protecting the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply channel, first by pledging over one year ago to purchase 100 percent of its pharmaceutical and other products directly from the product manufacturer, and now by launching a unique Track and Trace initiative which will utilize RFID and Electronic Product Code Information System (EPCIS) technology to track and trace products throughout the entire distribution process.
New Specification to Enable Companies to Capture and Share Electronic Product Code (EPC) Event Data; Expecting to be Put Forward for Ratification Later This Year

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