Electronic Report Management

Electronic Report Management

(ERM, Enterprise Report Management) The capture, archiving and publishing, in digital form, of (typically mainframe generated) documents such as accounting and financial reports. ERM often replaces systems based on paper or microfilm.

ERM usually captures data from print streams and stores it on hard drives, storage area networks or optical disk drives. The data is indexed and can be retreived at the desktop with a web browser or a fat client. ERM systems are part of enterprise content management or electronic document management.

An example application is PearlDoc QuickFile Information Management System (IMS).

An early replacement for greenbar printed reports was Computer Output on Microfilm (COM, not to be confused with Microsoft's Component Object Model). This was superseded by Computer Output to Laser Disk (or Disc - COLD) which used optical media.

In 1999 the AIIM renamed COLD to ERM/COLD to reflect the variety of media in use. This was promoted, in 2002, by Mason Grigsby - widely reputed as "The Father of COLD" for his seminal work with INSCI in the late 1980s. Judging from their web site, AIIM don't seem too sure whether ERM is "Electronic", "Enterprise" or both.
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The Vista Plus system combines electronic report management with document print management.
DataServ solutions deliver all the benefits of document and data capture, imaging, workflow, electronic report management, storage and retention management with none of the infrastructure, overhead or expense of traditional software because it is cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS)," said Greg Altin founder and partner of Cloud Commerce.
Vista Plus incorporates the best of Electronic Report Management (ERM), output management, work routing, COLD, Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Web publishing technologies.
The IIS solution for The Shaw Group includes DocuSphere Workflow, DocuSphere Auto Voucher, DocuSphere Electronic Report Management and DocuSphere for Documentum, which provides an interface to The Shaw Group's existing Documentum document repository from EMC.
Through its Acorde product family, Optika provides powerful and flexible document imaging, workflow, electronic report management (ERM) and records management solutions for organizations in a variety of industries, including higher education, healthcare, and government.
Nasdaq/NMS:IMNT) today announced a new electronic report management solution, incorporating powerful scanning capabilities, called IMNET/LaserArc(TM) SE (Scanning Edition).
Hunter provides electronic report management and distribution solutions to the healthcare and other industries.
Rardin, chairman and CEO of IMNET, "Since Hunter is a leading supplier of electronic report management and distribution software to the healthcare industry, we are excited about adding Hunter's LaserArc products to the IMNET Electronic Information Warehouse(TM).

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