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(1) See digital coins.

(2) (eCash) An earlier Web payment service developed in the 1990s by Amsterdam-based DigiCash, Inc. It used a blind signature encryption method and required an active account from an eCash member bank. Digital coins were stored in the eCash Purse digital wallet on the customer's computer, and coins were deducted from the wallet when a purchase was made at eCash-compliant sites. The system was regulated by adding a serial number to each coin. When the merchant received the coins, they were sent to the customer's bank for verification. If a coin matched the serial number of a coin that had already been spent, fraudulent activity was detected.

Despite this innovative system, not enough banks participated for its success, and in 1999, eCash Technologies, Inc. acquired DigiCash. In turn, eCash was bought in 2002 by InfoSpace, Inc., Bellevue, WA and absorbed into its payment solutions unit. See Web payment service.
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As previously reported, the POS terminal and cash register function will be implemented at the electronic cash registers.
Seattle-based Zoom-Cash is an innovative electronic cash payment service provider that enables companies to send their clients cash payments instantly.
Carat Electronics is a manufacturer of electronic cash registers and electronic electricity meters.
While not trendy, the traditional electronic cash register still remains at the front of most small business transactions.
VSoft's in-clearing accepts electronic cash letters from image exchange networks, the Federal Reserve and other financial institutions.
Finally after years of convincing people that a paperless society that uses electronic cash is the wave of the future, things are finally moving.
Other items found included an electronic cash counting machine, an electronic counter surveillance bug detector, an electronic mobile phone signal jammer and a dealers list.
If a registered person uses fiscal electronic cash register or computerised accounting software, it may issue cash-memo, invoice or receipt generated by the electronic cash register or computer.
Around 1,750 dealers will receive an electronic cash payment to their individual accounts under the 'Dealers Standards' programme.
It features Universal Serial Bus (USB) connections for instant plugging of peripherals such as check and barcode readers, WiFi dongles or electronic cash registers, making it a flexible and highly evolutive payment solution.
The committee during its meeting reviewed the performance of Federal Bureau of Revenue and receipts of tax and recommended installation of electronic cash register on all shops and business centres in order to stop tax thefts, while it directed the FBR to issue lists of people paying taxes on annual basis and also on its website.
Dulsco, the region's largest human resource solutions and waste management service provider, has announced that in 2008 it began deploying an electronic cash payment facility for its employees, becoming one of the first organisations in the region to implement this pioneering payment scheme.

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