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It was thought that the cyclopentadienyl cation ought to be antiaromatic and hence unstable, because its electronic configuration corresponds to that predicted by theory to be antiaromatic.
Web Store provides a simple paper-based or electronic configuration guide to merchants to setup their merchant account information for credit card acceptance and the data for the catalog sale items.
He treats electronic configurations of transition metals in more detail than other textbooks because they raise many interesting and subtle questions about orbitals starting at the early stages of a British sixth-form course in chemistry.
While X-ray crystallography reveals structural changes, it does not provide details of how the electronic configurations evolve over time, where the Purdue team's work came in.
One of the least desired characteristics by the survey respondents was that of mechanical configurations, revealing researchers' reliance on the more reliable, easy-to-use and accurate electronic configurations.
Why place such a premium on electronic configurations of atoms at the expense of teaching the chemistry of the macroscopic elements?
If we performed this calculation starting with zeroth-order eigenfunctions, corresponding to single electronic configurations, we would find that absorption is due to superposition of a continuum of almost constant intensity with lines belonging to series that converge to the [.

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