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(Electronic-BOOK) The electronic counterpart of a printed book, which can be viewed on a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or e-book reader (e-reader). When traveling, a huge number of e-books can be stored in portable units, dramatically eliminating weight and volume compared to paper. Electronic bookmarks make referencing easier, and e-book readers may allow the user to annotate pages.

Although fiction and non-fiction books come in e-book formats, technical material is especially suited for e-book delivery because it can be searched. In addition, programming code examples can be copied, which is why CD-ROMs that contained examples or the entire text were often packaged inside technical paper books.

E-Book Formats
There are several e-book formats on the market, including EPUB, Mobipocket (PRC, MOBI), eReader (PDB), Kindle (AZW, KF8) and Apple iBook (EPUB variation). Many e-readers also accept generic formats, including Adobe PDF and plain text (TXT).

Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad
In 2007, Amazon.com revolutionized the market. The Kindle was the first e-reader with free cellular access to download e-books (see Kindle). In 2010, Apple introduced the iPad tablet, featuring downloadable "iBooks" (see iPad). See PDF, EPUB, Open eBook and Mobipocket.

An E-Bookshelf on the Android
iPhones and Androids are widely used to read e-books. This Aldiko bookshelf app for Android smartphones lets users download thousands of free and paid e-books. Aldiko converts publishers' content into stand-alone e-book applications. For more information, visit www.aldiko.com.

One of the First E-Book Devices
Introduced by NuvoMedia in 1998, the Rocket eBook was one of the first handheld e-book readers. Although a larger, color model was also made, the Rocket was discontinued in 2000 by Gemstar, which had acquired NuvoMedia. (Image courtesy of Gemstar TV Guide International.)
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Subscriptions to the English editions are available either standalone or packaged with the Electronic Edition of the IHT.
Delivery of print and electronic editions of Russian scientific literature on the needs of the Sofia University "St.
Currently, both print and electronic editions of the ANNA Update and the Nephrology Nursing Journal are provided to ANNA members.
Let's concentrate on the good news: the ability to count electronic editions will make the postal numbers and the audited numbers similar, helping advertisers figure out a publication's reach.
Providing 'bulk' or complete runs of texts and images seems to alleviate the fear of re-canonisation, an issue that has often been discussed in relation to electronic editions and digitisations.
Other events of the human rights campaign include open doors day, publications on human rights in print and electronic editions.
Two East Texas newspapers, the Longview News-Journal and the Marshall News Messenger, have announced the launch of electronic editions, effective immediately.
Shipper[TM], Air International Regulations for Shippers of Dangerous Goods; Early 49 CFR; 49 CFR Government edition, and RegStick[TM] electronic editions into an affordable, convenient package.
Free electronic editions of some books from HarperCollins are to be placed on the company's website.
The NCC has chosen HarperSanFrancisco to be the sole manager of commercial licences for print and electronic editions of the NRSV and the Revised Standard Version (RSV) of the Bible.
The remaining contributors respond to the call for transparent editing by citing the advantages of electronic editions.

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